Swarm to Save the Bees!

On August 16, protesters will rally at City Hall at 2 PM to save the bees. There will be a collection of speakers followed by a die in to symbolize the effect of poisonous chemicals on our bee populations.

“We are rallying at city hall to put pressure on City Council to implement a pesticide ban for lawn use in the city of Edmonton,” said David Laing, local organizer. “We need to protect our fragile honey bee populations who face a severe risk of colony collapse.”

This event is part of a global action in which millions of activists from around the world will rally to save the bees and bring awareness to the importance of the bee, the dangers pesticides pose, and the continuing threat of Colony Collapse Disorder.

Edmonton’s Swarm to Save the Bees rally is being organized by Anonymous Edmonton and Occupy Edmonton. More information can be found on the Occupy Facebook page at or at

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March against Monsanto hits Edmonton city streets

On May 24th, protestors will rally at End of Steel Park at noon to march against Monsanto. After a collection of speakers and a choir of Raging Grannies, the group will march down Whyte Ave and back to the park where information tables will be set up.

“Monsanto owns over one thousand patents to genetically modified seeds,” said Terry Noel, local organizer. “Farmers are being sued by Monsanto because of genetic drift contaminating non-GMO crops.”

This event is part of a global action in which millions of activists from around the world will March Against Monsanto, and call into question the long-term effects of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and other harmful agro-chemicals. Marches are occurring on six continents, in 52 countries, with events in over 400 cities.

Edmonton’s March Against Monsanto is being organized by Occupy Edmonton, a social justice group dedicated to strengthening Edmonton communities through direct action and participatory frameworks. More information can be found on their Facebook page at or at

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Decolonize & Anti-Oppression Workshop 2014


Location: Room #1-5, Business Building (School of Business), University of Alberta, 116 St & 85 Ave, Michel Territory, Edmonton, AB
Date: Sunday, April 13th, 2014
Time: 12:00pm – 4:00pm


- community potluck before the workshop begins: please bring a dish enough to serve 2 – 3 people (as well as serving utensils for your own dish)
- discussion about colonization from an indigenous context within Canada
- Anti-Oppression terminology investigation & circle discussion
- Community organizing, meaningful solidarity building, conflict resolutions & horizontal group/community structures

Wheelchair accessible. Please leave your scents/perfumes at home = scent reduced event. This space is also safer space – anti oppressive.

ASL interpretation has been booked: please message us if you will require this service before April 10th, 2014 in order to secure the booking.

for more info or accessibility requests please email:

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Occupy Edmonton Presents: Income Inequality Forum

WHAT: Please join us for speakers and panel discussion. We will have an intermission for a free lunch, and then form break out groups and discuss inequality in a more casual setting, amongst those who wish to participate

WHEN: April 27, 2014 from 1 PM to 4 PM.

WHERE: Edmonton Public Library, 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square


Ricardo Acuña

Ricardo is the Executive Director of the Parkland Institute, Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta – a position he has held since May 2002. Previous to that he worked for nine years as Projects Coordinator for Change for Children Association, an Alberta-based international development organization working in Latin America. He has a degree in Political Science and History from the University of Alberta, and has over 20 years experience as a volunteer, staffer and consultant for various non-government and non-profit organizations around the province. Ricardois a regular speaker to students, teachers, and community groups around Alberta. He has spoken extensively and written on energy policy, democracy, privatization and the Alberta economy. He is a regular media commentator on public policy issues, and writes a regular column for VueWeekly in Edmonton.

Janet Keeping

Janet Keeping is leader of the Green Party of Alberta. Active engagement in politics is the natural extension of Janet’s long-term commitment to human-friendly and healthy environments, social justice and true democracy.

Ken Ward

Community Facilitator Ken is from the Enoch Cree Nation west of Edmonton, Alberta. Since his diagnosis in 1989 Ken has been a tireless spokesperson for the Aboriginal HIV/AIDS movement in Alberta. Ken was involved in the first healing and support gatherings for persons living with HIV/AIDS in 1990. His strength is his ability to share openly his personal journey with HIV and he is one of the most recognizable speakers on HIV in our community. As a frontline activist for HIV/AIDS awareness and support, Ken is always ready to reach out to those individuals and communities that are under served and unaware of how to deal with the disease and all the issues that surround it.“It’s important to break down community barriers and misunderstandings … overcoming fear and ignorance with humor and understanding.”

Ken Ward was also a former Band Councilor for Enoch Cree Nation, contributor for the national Aboriginal newspaper “The Windspeaker”. Has appeared in 12 National documentaries most noted “The Long Walk” produced by National Film Board. Co-founded several societies in Alberta,Saskatchewan. (Currently,does speaking tours in Sask,Alberta and B.C)

Helen McFayden

Helen McFadyen has many years experience as a grass roots advocate, spokesperson, and consultant in the field of inclusion, rights, accessibility,and social supports for persons with disabilities. She is a strong proponent of Canada’s Social Determinants of Health. Helen is a Unitarian Universalist Candidate Minister, currently working in community as Chaplain and Spiritual Care Director at St. Thomas Health Centre in Edmonton. She holds a Master of Divinity from Atlantic School of Theology and is currently a Doctoral Candidate at St.Stephen’s College, University of Alberta.

And featuring:

Occupy Edmonton

Occupy Edmonton is a non-profit social justice group dedicated to strengthening Edmonton’s communities through direct action and participatory frameworks.

More details and scheduling to be announced.

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Occupy Edmonton raises awareness at the New Remand Center opening, March 19, 2013.

Duct tape, handcuffs and some willing participants:  Occupy Edmonton came out to raise awareness of Ashley Smith and prisoner mistreatment, at the new Remand Center opening.

Song:  Propagandhi – Last Will And Testament

For more information on Ashley Smith, click here.

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Letter to Alison Redford

Our provincial government is planning to deliver its 2013 budget on March 7th. From what we know, revenue in Alberta is down, and spending cuts are expected.

We need to fight back. We are asking all of our supporters to follow this link and fill out the form below. We have supplied you with a ton of information about why Alberta is low on revenue and what we can do to fix it without hurting the poor. Please borrow any information you need, add some of your own opinions if you wish, and then press SUBMIT. We will personally deliver all of your submitted letters to Ms. Redford herself, in time for the 2013 budget plan. This is phase one.

Keep updated via our Facebook page:

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Edit:  Due to the unforeseen passing of Peter Lougheed, it has been requested that Occupy Edmonton does not march to the Legislature on Sunday, where families will be mourning.  Instead, Occupy Edmonton will march downtown and return to Canada Place, where speakers will take the podium at 3:15 PM.

Edmonton, Alberta, September 13, 2012: Occupy Edmonton is calling for all concerned Canadians to meet at Canada Place (9700 Jasper Avenue) at 2:00 PM on September 16th, to form a visible expression of non-Confidence in the current Harper government. Following this assembly, there will be a march downtown and back to Canada Place, where speakers will take the stage at 3:15 PM. “Real democracy requires consistent citizen participation. We’re coming together to defend what it is to be Canadian,” said David Laing. “With other cities across the country, we’re marching for the many concerns affecting all Canadian citizens.”

The event coincides with the opening of Parliament on Monday, in which from September 15th-17th, citizens in over a dozen Canadian cities will hold actions to show their frustration with the policy decisions of the current Harper government. Globally, the events also mark the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, which falls on September 17th.

Occupy Edmonton is a social justice group dedicated to strengthening Edmonton communities through direct action and participatory frameworks. More information can be found on their Facebook page at or at

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Occupy Edmonton To Host Another Free BBQ

Occupy Edmonton will be holding its 2nd free BBQ on August 26th, from 12:00 PM to 4:30 PM at Veterans Park (10013 102 Street NW), which is open to the public. There will be live and recorded music, games, and other festivities.

Beyond providing free food, Occupy Edmonton is working to build community and solidarity with members of our society that have been marginalized in either obvious or not-so-obvious ways. We believe this task is best accomplished through public events where networking and communication is available and encouraged. This event is about tearing down barriers, recognizing that we all have something to offer each other regardless of our wealth, and moving beyond stereotypes.

Our previous BBQ at Victoria Square Memorial Park on July 14th fed around 100 people throughout the day, and we expect similar results again. Meat and vegan option will be available.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Occupy Edmonton Hosts Free BBQ To Help Raise Awareness Of Hunger

Occupy Edmonton will be hosting a Free BBQ at Victoria Cross Memorial Park (11111 108 Street NW) to raise awareness of hunger on July 14th, from noon until 4:30 pm.  The event is in response to a global call to action issued by Occupy Johnson City, Tennessee.  “We learned during the camp that a true revolutionary act to expose hunger is to give out free food and the hungry will expose themselves,” said Frank Sowokinos, an organizer from Johnson City.  “If 10 people in Johnson City can feed hundreds, and we will, then imagine what we can do together.”

Occupy Edmonton organizer, Terry Noel, shared similar sentiments.  “What we’ve found is that you don’t need to be homeless to be hungry.  Many people make the choice between paying rent and eating three meals a day.  It’s not hard to imagine a world where this doesn’t need to be, and that’s a world we’d like to create.” The Occupy Edmonton BBQ will not be accepting money, but food donations are welcome.   Furthermore, the event is open to all, will feature vegan and non-vegan food, live music, and an assortment of politically-based discussion topics.

Occupy Edmonton is a non-profit social justice group dedicated to strengthening Edmonton’s communities through direct action and participatory frameworks.

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General Strike Today! May Day

Edmontonians to march in honor of May Day, International Workers Day
Marchers will rally and take to the streets to defend the rights of workers and defend the rights of all
EDMONTON- On Tuesday May 1st Edmontonians will gather at 112th Street and 82nd Avenue, joining millions demonstrating internationally in defense of the rights of workers and the rights of all. Marchers will gather at 5:30 pm for a rally and will march at 6:00 pm to demonstrate their opposition to recent attacks on workers’ rights and cuts to social programs.
The march is being called by the May Day 2012 March Committee, a group formed to organize this event. The committee is calling on everyone to come out on May Day to stand as one with workers across Canada and in all countries who are fighting to defend their rights in their workplaces and in their communities. All unions and other community organizations are encouraged to attend and bring their flags or organizational banners.
The theme of this year’s march is “Defend the Rights of Workers! Defend the Rights of All!” The march and speakers at the rally will highlight recent resistance to attacks on the rights of workers to organize and strike in defense of their wages and working conditions. It will also demand an end to attacks on the rights of all in the form of privatization and deep cuts to public services and layoffs of thousands of public sector workers, and call for pensions, expanded public health care and education for all.

WHAT: May Day March

WHEN: Tuesday May 1 st , 2012 5:30 pm (March at 6:00pm)

WHERE: March begins from 112 th Street and 82 nd Avenue

MEDIA CONTACT: Merryn Edwards, phone: 780-910-1951

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