Activist Communiqué: Stop the Eviction of Occupy Edmonton tonight

By Krystalline Kraus | October 23, 2011

Hey rebellions,
In solidarity with Occupy Toronto, I’m asking for your help this beautiful Sunday afternoon to stop the eviction of Occupy Edmonton.

Occupy Edmonton has been given an eviction deadline of tonight (Sunday) at 11:00 pm by the Melcor Corporation that owns the park they are currently occupying in the heart of Edmonton’s financial district. This is the 3rd attempt to remove the 40 protesters have been living on the 102nd Street and Jasper Avenue occupation site since October 15, 2011.

Occupations are occurring in cities across Canada, from Vancouver to Halifax. Keep checking rabble.ca Occupy page for up to date information and analysis.

Note from the Occupy Edmonton Community:

It was decided at tonight’s meeting that we will be challenging Melcor’s 11:00 pm, Sunday eviction notice. We are encouraging everyone to do a few things to help support the Occupy Edmonton occupation.

Ask your supporters, friends and allies to:

1) Sign the petition here .
2) Phone Melcor at (780) 423-6931 and tell them to let us stay.
3) Email Melcor at info@melcor.ca and tell them you support the camp and that they should let us stay.
4) Get others to ‘Like’ our facebook page so we can show the growing support the camp has -  and/or post a message of support.
5) Twitter the message and ask others to support: “@occupyyeg help fight the 11:00 pm Sunday eviction notice. Phone Melcor at (780) 423-6931, email info@melcor.ca. Tell Melcor let them stay.”

And most importantly if you live in or near Edmonton come down to the camp (102 st and Jasper Ave) at 10:30 p.m. and stand with us.”

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