Day 2 of the Occupation

Dear friends,

Today is the second day of our occupation. We have come from having virtually nothing but a group of people in a park, to a full fledged camp setup with tonnes of food to share at no cost, means to cook and heat water for tea and coffee. We have   tents set up, one for Food services with generous volunteers keeping it going 24/7, one for First Aid with at least one certified First Aider on stand by 24/7, one for Art and Info to make new picket signs and communicate new information to people.

I would like to graciously thank everyone who has been a part of this movement and donated their time, money, food, blankets or other supplies. We are so thankful to be able to provide or EVERYONE’S needs who have stopped by our Occupation at the Park on the SE corner of Jasper Avenue and 102st.

Since the spectacular display on Day One at Churchill Square, we have lost some, but we have gained some. We have shown that we care, that we can work together, that we are generous and kind. Nobody could ask for a better opportunity or chance to show that we stand in solidarity.

Tomorrow, on Day 3, we have proposed a picket/information handout event in front of Canada Place around noon. If you live/work downtown, please join us at Canada Place, or at our location at 102st and Jasper. At the park we will have people able to give updates on recent events and planning. At 6pm we will then hold another General Assembly to address the possibility of being forced to leave this park we now call home.

We have so much food, so if anything at all, please join us for a snack as we are more than happy to share our resources with the 99%!

Wer are working on further communications and technologies to hold us together, and keep you all more informed. Currently, I type this on a borrowed laptop, tethered to a cellphone, with a headlamp and cold fingers! We are trying our best to keep you all up to speed, and will try and alleviate the necessity to just come out and talk to us to see what is happening.

Now, without further adieu(and 3g access!) I bid you all a good night, and hope to stand with you soon!

With Love,


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