General Assembly Minutes Oct. 19th

New items:

  • Added a Finance Work Group update
  • Added “We Will not be Co-opted” Work Group update

Coms Update:


So far, really good. There’s been lots of positive articles.

1 Issue: Someone told journalists not to come back. No single person has the authority to do that. Group consensus must be passed before and decision of that sort is passed.


Discussion of facebook page.

Only admins make updates? Censorship?

Does facebook page stay open to everyone or can only admins make updates?

Proposal: Facebook page has option to see admin posts or general posts, utilize that. Also, beef up website to make it a better information source.


Going to Alberta Environment in petroleum plaza to give them an eviction notice tomorrow (October 19, 2011).

This is an action around corporate influence in government.

Do something on the 24th for the opening day of legislature. Not sure what. Suggestions?

Mass rally on November 5th.

Fun events on Saturdays. Suggestions?


Be respectful of Arts Tent.

The arts space is now nicely organized.

Banner workshop on the way.

There will be a general art meeting tomorrow.

Prospect of expanding into silk screening and other mediums?

3 binders floating around camp: rant, diary and political.

This is very welcome. People can write their thoughts and opinions in the appropriate binder.

Discussed the possibility of music and arts coming together for a fundraiser.


The VP of operations of Melcor as well as the CEO is coming tomorrow (October 19, 2011) to discuss the camp.

Will possibly discuss a deal.

Thank you to the amazing kitchen people.

The team has expanded the amount of camp marshalls.

There’s a noticeable improvement in organization.

Sheriff’s department positive about Petroleum Plaza march.

Proposal for global Occupy update at the beginning of general assemblies.

These would discuss what’s going on everywhere with the Occupy movement.


Went on campus and began liaisons with different campus groupsl

Everybody needs to work within their networks and cells to educate our peers.

People on campus are interested.

Proposal for “Occupy Edmonton Times”

Proposal for outreach group for U of A campus


No updates to report (phew)

Info Teach-In:

Proposal for an “Info Teach-In” work group

Another tent on the way

Could be used for library

Tomorrow (October 19, 2011) morning: Ricardo Acuna will be discussing economics

Tomorrow there will be Indigenous Perspective with representatives from the Cree, Objibway and Mohawk nations

Proposal for movie screenings, lectures and presentations.

All that is needed for this is: one white sheet, a projector, a computer and the cables for projector and computer.


Working so far

Short on transportation

It is excellent when people bring acoustic instruments (guitars, drums, noise makers)


Port-o-potties arrived during meeting (phew)


Function: to account for what comes in and what comes out, providing a paper trail

What extent is the Finance committee able to approve funds?

Discussed later

What about retroactive receipts?

$1300 is the current estimated total of funds

Proposal for a credit union

Under which requirements would this be feasible?

How many people (and who) should have signing authority? How many would be required at a given time to make changes to the account?

Finance needs more people

What is the minimum transaction total the Finance committee needs to bring before the GA for approval?

Small items should be treated as donations, large items should be discussed before purchase?

Proposal to put off discussion and implement a 24 hour notice so more people could be present.

Proposal that amounts under $50 are ok until further discussed (in case kitchen needs supplies or what-have-you)

No Co-Opted:

Co-opting: to take or assume for ones use or to appropriate

See Bryn about joining the group

Next meeting will be tomorrow (October 20, 2011) at 7:30PM.

Kevin will be facilitating.

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