General Assembly Minutes Oct. 24th

Steven and Mohammed facilitated
Minutes – Karey
Stack taker – Trevor
Updates from working groups
- over 3000 signatures on petition
- Read article from Edmonton Journal
-”Melcor will not evict” but does not want park used after 11pm for safety
-same tactic being used everywhere
- what do we do if they try to take our tents (talk about later after update from liaison)
-Tent sloppy please keep tidy
-banners from leg action – cool
-Silk screener – need someone to bottom line it
- want to put together poster for Robin Hood day of Action
- Send any request for posters with many details
can marshals inherit position?
what is involved?
get supplies when needed
-Proposal to dissolve camp working group
- or new purpose for camp group, find new camp if needed
Bill Thompson, police Liaison will be helpful in such a event
-Need scheduled Marshals
-Pick up cigarette butts
-Occupy Maine hit with chemical Bomb
-More marshals needed
-don’t be afraid to walk around and recruit for more marshals
-Bad news donation box is missing from kitchen tent
-No one is allowed in kitchen tent except for volunteers with kitchen
-should we get a safe
-who keeps money if camp shuts down?
-only today’s donations were stolen
-donation box not found
-October 25th arena discussions
-no organized protest people can register to speak at hearing
-can also bring signs or just show up to speak
-Update from October 24th action at legislature
-legislature open for two days to discuss global economic crisis
-inside legislature gallery
-change the system not the premier
-Media interviews were done after with CTV CITYtv Sun Global
-if you go to protest something bring something to identify yourself with the occupy movement
-hover where the media park
-be aware that media can twist your words in edit
-Robin Hood tax march and rally
-Saturday October 29th 1PM
-Churchill square?
-0.05% tax on financial transactions -eg Wall Street
-billions generated will go to Social and environmental projects
-Amy Goodman Democracy now has been asked to speak
-Problem where would money from tax go and who would control it
-why churchill?
-Unions may be there
-Jim Flaherty against tax (finance minister)
-Vatican calling for Robin hood tax
-Workshop after GA informing people on Robin Hood Tax
-This is a global initiative
-Many European governments support Robin Hood tax
-What happens if police come tonight?
city bylaw leave park by 11pm
-No reason to expect police tonight
-if police come to park make sure everyone helps get the word out in social media
-can someone talk to different unions and get them down to Robin hood tax action
Meeting October 25th near UofA
-Round table discussions on Wednesday re occupy humanities L3 3:330pm
-All women’s concert
-Find a women tech.
-Artery available for a reasonable price
Police liaison
officer did not show up to meeting
six members of liaison volunteers welcome
Proposal to form long term planning group – Passed
will use google groups and meetings to discuss will report back to GA
-Proposal to send a member of OccupyEdmonton on tour of other Occupy camps
- finance Grey Hound tickets
-have video camera to bring back experience
-proposal should go to out reach working group to bring back to GA
-Toronto is starting ambassadorial collective
-Thursday a Code of camp conduct will be brought to GA
-Wednesday 3pm speaker from homeless shelter to speak about how to best deal with homeless in park and conflicts that may arise

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