Occupy Edmonton Camp Still in Place as Global Protests Grow

Edmonton, AB – About 50-60 Edmontonian’s have set-up camp following a mass ‘Occupy Edmonton’ rally yesterday that saw over a thousand people take to Edmonton streets. The camp is located at 102 street and Jasper avenue. There is no indication about how long the camp will remain in place. Yesterday Edmonton joined with over 1700 cities around the world in supporting a growing ‘Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Together movement.’

The Occupy Edmonton group is concerned about how corporate interests are infecting our political institutions, dictating public policy and decimating the environment. They are also concerned about a system that puts the hunger for profits above the health and well being of all our communities.

Occupy Edmonton is united with groups and movements around the world that want a system that works for, not against, the 99% of us.


What: Occupy Edmonton erects short term camp. Campers sleep through the night.

Who: Concerned residents of Edmonton and surrounding communities.

When: On going

Where: Park at 102 street and Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

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