Police Liaison Group Minutes

Police Liaison Committee // 4:00 pm Oct 23 2011

Bill Thomas (facilitator), Stephan Christianson, Jeff Diamanti (minutes), Rob Butz, Lynette Bondarchuck

  • S: most pressing issue is communication of new phone number with EPS, proposal for Bill to be that contact person. Passed.
  • Michael Thomas has expressed no interest at this point to continue working with this group, though he’s welcome to return at any point.
  • Q: our function in relation to the drafting of response to Melcor regarding eviction notice and follow up request by Ralph Young via Mike Thomas
    • Identify fallacious concerns regarding surrounding neighborhood / business
    • Collective need to address noise concerns (curfew?)
    • Emphasizing our competency with regards key issues such as homeless safety.
  • Proposal passed: All communication with Melcor and others should be made immediately public.
  • Proposal passed: suggestion that Melcor liaison should be communications committee as a whole, rather than an individual.
  • Proposal passed: Bill is first line of police contact, then police liaison committee (if possible) then communications GroupMe, then directly to camp ASAP, regardless of relevance + a camp board for police updates.
  • Proposal about crossover with marshals, thought not with consensus.
    • Clarification: No need for enmeshing (we don’t want to be police, just police liaison) though we’ll of course overlap)
  • Need for more specialization as a committee. “Know Your Rights” workshop for committee members and anyone else, review of bylaws (2202 cited in Melcor letter #2)
  • Developing scripts for how we talk to the cops. Not getting entrapped. Constant reassurance that the camp is peaceful and self-regulating and that we’ll update them whenever needed. Do they have information to relay to the camp. That’s it.

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