Winterization meeting Oct. 30Th @ 4pm





-ceramic or other type of small space heaters in tents(electric, gas, propane)

-alberta federation of labour(asked to draft proposal letter for winterization, will help as much as possible)

-donate coveralls people don’t want to use anymore

-main communal place(large tent/teepee/etc.)

-warm zone

-fire regulations

-tent inside of tent for double insulation

-main enemy is moisture(minimize)

-make sure everyone has extra blankets

-modular system

-one giant tent for sleeping, one for kitchen, one for meetings

-easier to concentrate heat

-if we done move, indigenous community offered teepees(telus field)

-military tents(surplus stores) possible donation from owners?

-possibility of chimney in tents

-bio-diesel generator(not as combustible)

-steady electricity(for heat, cooking, media centre, etc.)

-more security would improve possibility of donations for generators, etc.

-wind tunnels downtown.

-cycle generators(generate body heat inside a tent, also power)

-ryan from music as a weapon

-diverse range of power generation

-mass letters to local businesses

-fresh pine broughs, straw bales to insulate underneath tents

-need more people(outreach)

-internal rotation of working groups/commitees

-bylaws regarding setting up large tents or semi-perminant structures.

-transportation, trucks/trailers for moving larger structures/tents


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