Another Eviction Notice..Nov. 19th

Occupy Edmonton has been given a Sunday, 11:00 pm eviction notice. We are discussing what to do at tonight’s GA. In the meantime we are hoping you can support the Occupation by asking your supporters, friends and allies to:

Sign the petition at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/3/stop-the-eviction-of-occupy-edmonton/
Phone Melcor at (780) 423-6931 and tell them to let us stay.
Email Melcor at ryoung@melcor.ca and tell them you support the Occupation and that they should let us stay.
Get others to ‘Like’ our facebook page so we can show the growing support the camp has – http://www.facebook.com/OccupyEdmonton and/or post a message of support.
Twitter the following message and ask others to support: “Sign and RT the petition to prevent the forceful eviction of #OccupyEdmonton: http://bit.ly/oEZPcQ #ows #occupycanada”

Please spread this message.

In solidarity,

Occupy Edmonton

To Occupy Edmonton


Melcor requests that the unauthorized use of the Melcor site by
unauthorized persons discontinue immediately. Public health and safety to
users of the site should not be further prejudiced by Occupy Edmonton or
its representatives.

Melcor Developments Ltd. advises that continued occupation of the Melcor
site in unacceptable, except as to the terms outlined in our letter of
October 21, 2011.

Melcor  advises that all persons and property on the Melcor site
following 11:00pm
Sunday, November 20, 2011 are subject to removal by lawful means.

Melcor will issue a complaint to and make request of the City of Edmonton
Police Service to assist in the lawful removal of persons and property on
the site according to appropriate statutes of trespass (following 11:00pm
November 20).

Melcor will provide assistance in storing OE members’ property in a
location requested by the Occupy Edmonton representatives, to the extent
reasonable. Melcor may hold members of Occupy Edmonton liable for any and
all costs associated with the removal of OE members’ property, garbage and
waste from the site and for the restoration of the site to its condition
prior to the occupation.

Melcor will work with The City of Edmonton, appropriate agencies and
the Edmonton
Police Service to assist individuals needing safe housing accommodation.

Melcor takes this action, regarding its site, in the interests of public
health and safety, repeated requests and concerns issued to Occupy Edmonton
representatives, the interests and rights of private property owners and
users, and potential liability issues resulting from inappropriate and
unauthorized actions on the site.

Melcor fully accepts and acknowledges the legitimate rights of all citizens
to protest and raise important public policy matters by lawful means.
Melcor takes no position on the merits of the issues raised by Occupy

Melcor will defer this NOTICE if the authorized representatives of Occupy
Edmonton provide Melcor and the EPS a specific plan of action with
acceptable dates for the orderly, peaceful and safe dismantling of the
Occupy Edmonton facilities and property on the site. Such plan must be
received by 11:00pm November 20, 2011, failing which this deferal is

Yours Truly,
Melcor Developments Ltd.

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