Call to Minds

-Occupations across Canada are in jeopardy right now-

There’s lots of time to discuss logistics, and organize, but at the moment, this would be as if someone just got hit by a car outside your house and people calling for help but not going outside to assist.

It’s time to grab your bandages and run outside the house and help the person who’s bleeding to death. Right now, the camp is bleeding heavily and the only way to help it will be to actually go outside and physically assist.

If camps across Canada are going down in flames and I see a bunch of people sitting on their goddamn computers yelling at each-other tonight, rather than actually going down at the camp, showing physical support, I will be EXTREMELY disappointed.


While the online community is the left brain of the occupation, the camp is the right brain. When one side of that brain dies, it will leave the other side un-functional. If the camp dies, it will no longer be able to keep directing the public to the online discussion.

If you’re someone who “could” go down and spend some spare time AT Olympic Plaza for the next few days or evenings, there is no better time than right now, when the occupations across Canada are in jepordy!!!

I BEG you, on my hands and knees… to show support not only with your online comments and phone calls, but with your PHYSICAL PRESENCE at the plaza. It doesnt mean you have to camp – but in the days, we need a presence of good, upstanding people around the camp.

There were SO MANY PEOPLE who showed up on the 15th of October – WE NEED ALL THOSE PEOPLE AGAIN RIGHT NOW!!!

The amazing swell of support or the show of apathy in the next few days will be absolutely “CRITICAL” to the public perception.

There’s a time for talk and there’s a time to get off your ass and show physical support with your body.

…”NOW” is that time…

This is an S.O.S.

-Phillip Vernon, Occupy Calgary

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