Last week a kind lady that is involved with Occupy Edmonton flew down to NYC to meet up with the folks at OWS. She will be staying there for a short period of time, gathering as much information and support as possible.

Today, a few more people will be heading down to Calgary to connect with the Occupy movement there as well. We will try and develop contacts for future action plans in solidarity, as well as share experiences, shortcomings, successes, in hopes that we can learn and help each other out in getting past our unique issues.

I strongly encourage anyone else who feels the need to connect with other occupations, as it can only help. There are way too many cities for just one person to liaison with, so perhaps there is even a need of an “Ambassadors” Working Group. Although, this is a decision for a future GA.

I would also like to take this time to shout out to Ashley, her friends and family, and all who knew her in Vancouver. I just found out that she passed away at the Occupy Vancouver camp last night due to drug overdose. To quote OccupyVancouver.com:

A candlelight vigil continues…

We would like to ask for a moment of silence.
In light of the tragedy [at Occupy Vancouver on November 5th], many of us felt that holding a regular General Assembly would be inappropriate. There is grieving going on which we all share in and respect.
What happened today does not merely affect Occupy, it affects all of Vancouver, Canada, and our world – touching us all. This event reinforces our very reasons for being onsite today and calls for collective grieving and solidarity. This is a time for love and healing. We need to stand together as a community in this moment.
There are grievance counsellors here to support us, and there is prayer and meditation in the dome. Those who want to discuss are encouraged to form small circles and hold the energy of this space.
We’ve all been through something difficult today; let’s be peaceful and respectful, and above all, let us hold together in love and support. Let us hold Ashley and her family in our thoughts.
With respect,
P.S.- You can read more on news articles from many sources such as this for example:

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