General Assembly Minutes Nov. 10th



-MH- haven’t got money from OWS, 7500$

-Lynette Rybesky is the main person in charge, needs help, Wesley from Finance offers to help

-we have told them we will be financially transparent

-border issues with shipping from US?

-Kirk has a proposal



-talent show on Sat at 7pm, sign up at door

-facebook group – please circulate!


-slough of workshops – this weekend!


12pm GA

2pm Media Works

3pm First Aid

5pm Direct Action Slideshow

7pm Party on Saturday



2pm Addictions workshop

3pm Occupy your workshop

5ish Dwayne’s ceremony

6pm potluck

no GA


Anna will send this to Coltan to write up for camp whiteboard at kitchen


public board?

Itinerarys on lampposts, posters at camp entrances?


Police Liason

-BT- Panda is not legally allowed to be in the park-police came 4x last night- his behaviour has been violent, annoying, drug addict

PP- urges compassion and he has Panda’s phone charger

Nicki- policy around disruptive ppl?

Good neighbour policy explained



action today! -1pm at Mayors office, gave him $150 for power bill.

Can argue that we paid for power if they shut off power

-suggestions to use cheque because of contract created if they cash money bc paper trail

-Media coverage, media scrum

-PP- mother/daughter creating a journal of news article


-Remembrance Day Ceremony

-action on 11.11


Raging Grannies

-peace march -Nov 11. 11am


-signs w facts about pensions. benefits



-MH has proposed costs and budget for OWS donation

-no first aid kits needed

-wood furnace has arrived

-teepee coming tomorrow

-kitchen almost done


Fire inspector came by and gave us smoke detectors



Solar Update


-no way





-Police station

Proposal to meet with Melcor, city, police representatives to hash out a proposal-no consensus

discussion about us leaving, cold will drive us about,

council of ppl to discuss leaving with all 4 groups, to generate good PR

get them to come to a GA

-have to sstick to a schedule

-strategy session about inviting them down-Chelsea

-politicians will feel like they are being ambushed. Won’t come.

-don’t go to their meetings because validating system and indoctrination concerns

-these meetings with police, melcor, city will be leader identifiers

-strength comes from public. Not from negotiating

-focused campaign on public support needed

-people;s mic in NYC took over meeting.


-Generator- diesel/biodiesel

-biodiesel guy= david.descheaneau@gmail.com

=tried and true is better for extreme weather


Jenika ends with a song!

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