General Assembly Minutes Nov. 14th


finance/ ows support
anniversary bbq
story of stuff/ GA at 7, need to announce

1. Updates

- if someone can get onto the facebook page, list of needs: read them. unless you are a kitchen volunteer, try not to go into kitchen.
- stuff is going missing.
- issue of double-purchases, needing updates on this.


- listserve anniversary discussion for the 17th: solidarity action
- mandel: public input/ hearing on November 23rd (next wednesday) about 10.5 million service cuts, want to go there. plan to go, have a few points ready. need to solidify talking points, letter of demands. @comms and @action team.

finance/ OWS support

- list of needs submitted to OWS, waiting on response.
- get input to OWS on where to get items from for price comparisons
- volunteers needed with truck to go pick up items, Jeff- 7802378604.
- finance needs to approve 101$ for sandbags. proposal passed
- axe to be bought for chopping logs.David going to buy one, keep receipt because of the need tonight to have axe tonight.

*** random discussion that doesnt fit on agenda: woodchopping workshop, area for workshop, and times to chop so that keep the quiet.*****

Anniversary BBQ

- UFCW donation $500 for anniversary BBQ
- check in for propane at Superstore as donation is for there.
- note: Health inspectors coming tomorrow, need to plan for them. around 1pm they might be here.
- need bottom-liners to go pick up food for tommorrow, cookers.
- get paper plates for BBQ
- idea: noontime bbq, 3pm bbq, 6pm bbq.
- ALSO: need for promo stuff: pamphlets.

**** random discussion on good neighbour policy, how people who are not welcome can get back in. idea: that they come up with a list of things they would change, taking 48 hours to ensure people who have been offended/ victimized/ harmed have a chance to consent to changes or add on extra items on the list or block the re-entry. ********


- accessible portapotty was dropped off, but need to move accessible portapotty in alleyway
- need to move the portapotty back on site for accessibility reasons and bylaw.
- no lock on portapotty, need to re-lock it and get key.
- get lock and multiple keys? combo locks, can change combos.
- extra locks we can use.
- need new sign on portapotty for day time non-use.
- need non-alcoholic hand sanitizer. courtney asking on FB as donation.
- safe disposal site: someone bottom lining getting a box. we have to buy a box.
- spend money to buy a drop box: 20 – 30$

Story of Stuff – Later GA Wednesday.

- Story of Stuff maker in touch with our camp, she can be here on Wednesday at 6. Moving GA at 7
- need to promo for story of stuff.


- power usage-
proposal to monitor power consumption: metering. Keep track of what we’re using power for, dont blow out a circuit, can propose to city to pay for usage. keep track so the city cant complain and we monitor our usage.
- also: need a set up to use less power: LED lights instead of these lights. might need to power down our operations, make coffee and teas on wood stove.
- also: power storage systems.
- need bottom liners: quote for LED lights
- thermal couples.
*** need to revisit this with quotes at GA.

- international week: need to submit a proposal on behalf of OE. Jenika can bottom line, but need some input.
- we need, by tomorrow, a proposal to submit to i-Week. host a mock- GA to talk about process, also to discuss issues. need to write proposal by tomorrow, early to submit in time. i-Week @ end of january. Chelsea, Tofi, Snoop, Jenika. Bottom lining proposals.

- jesse: carry-over GA for noon/ 1pm.
- abridged general assembly to carry over ideas of people who cant attend evening GAs. night shift also could enjoy a daytime GA
- spread out decisions and democracy. bottom line needs: someone to liase between GAs and summary/ minutes. evening GA and noon GAs would both need to update on earlier decisions made for continuity.
- different days where different topics are addressed: so camp issues at noon GA. finance days.
- also to fit in proposal to have 3-4 evening GAs a week, so need some coordination between that proposal and this proposal.
- creating working group to make proposals on how GAs should work.

- proposal to get toll free or local phone number.
- and with direct extensions to people at camp.occupy phone line.
- setting up voicemails, centralized phone system, 10$ a month.
- can have recorded items like “press 1 for upcoming events” “what we’re about” and so on.
- “leave messages for media representative”
- “something really effed up hotline” – where people can leave short message on how they’re being screwed over by govnt/ corporations/ etc.
- singles chat line
- virtual phone, access the number and check it.
- mike H is contact with phone guys

- BBQ: move to later date:
- turn out issues, camp labour issues.
- running low on propane: buy propane tanks, plates, bowls, etc etc. Set up for Sat/Sunday, big dinner.
- need 5 bottom liners for potential internal feast, spend some cash for anniversary feast? also DISHES issue. at least 1 bottom-liner dishwasher. numbers didnt come together.
- Saturday afternoon BBQ 1pm.
- also need posters, banner, images for Saturday issue.

computer space
- set up with old computers to connect people.
- 4 computers coming and donation
- need longer network cable to computer area
- library is nearby, also would become a use of space here.
- livestream issue: hoping to stream with internet stick.
- need more time to consider these things. wireless can be used by laptops.
- can shelf proposal, bring it back with different ideas.

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