General Assembly Minutes Nov. 18th


Internet Updates
Offsite Infoshop?
Camp Jobs
Visitors Coming to the Camp and Contacting MPs
Muslim Student Association


Brookfield Industries Action
Melcor Meeting

1.  Internet Updates:
- Building Manager upset about smoke…
- Wepay money transfer issues
- Need to hear back from Finance
- Graffiti issues
-Could possibly cover with paint, plastic, or cardboard
-Was mentioned in an email to police, but they replied
that it was the “least of their
worries” regarding the camp
- Various complaints about G.A. Format on discussion groups/ people
leaving unhappy
- Rather serious letter from the Police to Rob
- (Forgot to mention Tipi Etiquette discussion, should be brought up
at next GA)

2.  Offsite:
- Possible apartment on Jasper for an infoshop.  Address TBA, near
the Artery.  A couple
of people are going to check it out.  More info forthcoming

3.  Finance:
- Wepay issues with a donation, needing to hear back from finance
regarding a
marvelous womahn wanting to help out with that.
- OWS has not yet transferred $, they must do a final discussion at
their GA to decide
on sending cash or supplies.

4.  Police:
- Threat of eviction next Saturday.  There are currently two stories
circulating, one in
which they want to evict OE, and one in which they do not.
Meeting with them will
be held perhaps Monday.

5.  Fire:
- The Edmonton Journal got a picture of the open fire in the tipi
and put it on the cover of
the paper.  This was breaking a bylaw, but Mo convinced the fire
marshal to let the fire
remain if it stays under 2 feet high, if taller sides were built
up, and a firegrate was
placed overtop.
- Someone said they could bring a grill
- There are fire extinguishers at the camp but they must be
set up near all the fires
- Someone volunteered to do that
- CO2 detectors need to be set up in Army tent

6.  Melcor
- Wants OE to evacuate
- Believes OE encourages people to sleep outside/without adequate
warmth or
- OE should work towards preventing issues, i.e. contact homeless
shelters & churches
- This has been done, many of the homeless that are coming to
OE are banned
from these places
- Contact CLIP (community live in program) as some of these
people need medical

7.  Legal
- Met with lawyer
- OE cannot get court injunction to prevent eviction because
camp is on private
- Melcor could possibly sue if there is property damage
- Camp would most likely not be held criminally liable if people are
injured on or near
- ****Anyone whose employer or school who has been contacted by
police regarding their  involvement at OE can file complaint or
possibly sue, as the police are breaking
various privacy laws in doing so*****.

8.  Camp Jobs
- Board posted with jobs needing to be done and a shift sign up
sheet in the Army tent
- One night a week solidarity shifts are needed, training is
- People needed to update official website
- Got a number and an email address of 2 interested parties

9.  Visitors to OE and Contacting MPs
- *** MLA Lawyer Laurie Blakeman will be at OE Thursday at 6:30
-*** CBC anchorwoman coming on Thursday to spend the night, and the
next day with
campers for “A Day in the Life of Occupy Edmonton” ****
- Volunteers needed to tidy up the camp on Wednesday!
- Mo is trying to get a hold of various MPs and MLAs, trying to get
them to camp,
needs help!
- The Muslim Student Association wants OE to propose something for
them to do in
solidarity with the movement at the U of A for their board to


1.  Brookfield Industries Action: 1 pm Mic Check
- Which building is office in?  Let community know ASAP

2.  Melcor and Police Meeting: No date set
- Tentatively decided that there will be a meeting with the
police liasons and Melcor
liasons, with others welcome to observe
- Perhaps inform them that there will be audio recording devices
- MUST be re-voted on tomorrow as there were only a few people at
this discussion

3.  Wednesday meeting at City Hall:
- Not sure what time
- Hearing community input on 10.5 MILLION cuts to city services
- Need as many people as possible to come let their voices be

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