General Assembly Minutes Nov. 1st

Amelia & Mo Facilitate, Stack: Jenika, Minutes: Lynette

Amelia & Mo: Process Instructions
Agenda: WG Updates
Action WG:
Chelsea re: Calgary; Nov. 11 action re: pension troubles & how the Cdn gov treats vets;
Jenika: Street Theatre on Friday; meet 1:30pm Weds to discuss and/or send info to them
re: Dec. 6 Action to start here and then walk over to city-wide action in solidarity
Music (Bill Carley): Planning an all-women concert; contact Low Flying Planes, Van Zanten, etc. Talk to Bill after meeting.
Communications (Mike H): Very favourable media coverage re: RHT & march; internal comm has new listserv “OcEd Updates” – be prepared to receive an invite soon about that and how we will amalgamate comm better
Arts (Chelsea): Banner made for Bridget to take to NY (original OWS); t-shirts will be made soon, if you can help screenprint contact Chelsea
Food/Kitchen: (Coltan checking); 5 jugs of hot water from Tim Horton’s
Interruption: OWS is on the line! Eric Lazzaro & OWS: ”Honoured to address Edmonton, reminds us they need us; without more they’re “just a bunch of people in a park”! If we need support we need to tell them what we need and they will help us get whatever we need (camping equip?) Propose: ask them to flood Edm City Hall with appeals to let us stay; media spotlight!! They have mediators, empathy experts to help us learn to better communicate with each other – a better occupation! 347-304-9152 or eric2qQlight@gmail.com if anyone needs to call for assistance. Mic check to communicate group message to Eric.
Food/Kitchen (Devon): Reiterates we always need vols, especially in the washing tent; shopping list updatd daily: we need ginger, lemons, prunes, bleach, paper clips, clothespins/hangers, handy-vacs, sponges, bottled water (or fill up big jugs); AAA batteries, kleenex, fruit/vitamin C.
Workshops (Chelsea): workshops crew met re: outreach vs. skill-sharing; update was sent over main list
POLICE LIASON (Bill): Note the new signs posted in park! We suspect Melcor did deal with City so we’re now under City bylaw/jurisdiction (taken the park back from the corporation! woot!) but this means they can also evict us at 11:01… Police were not even aware; cops know nothing about it and/or are lying about it.
Prayer led by ??
All: “We Need to See the Deed!”
Bill: If sign is up it’s City land. More TBA.
Bill: Police say City wouldn’t respond to them either. Re: winterization, police have recommendations where we could move that are safer, etc.
Chelsea: Suggested erecting tipis on Rossdale-area land by 105 St. bridge would be significant; purchasing tipis is “a necessity of life”; we could buy our own (approach elders for permission & advice); 2nd hand tipis for $800-$1K or $1200-$1500 from Joussard.
Mo: AFL would support us staying provided they receive formal proposal
Amelia: Suggest we break into spokescouncils
Chelsea: Notes site is a burial site, aboriginal connections – what else?
Mike H: Heartland Transmission line was approved; Zutana (sp?) what?
Chelsea: History there, have tried to reclaim the space in the past; a reclamation; high-traffic location at 105 St. bridge area, by Telus field; Chelsea will call him for more info
Amelia: (missed, sorry)
Mo: if we move by Canada Place someone says they’ll provide us with hot water, etc.
Chelsea: via speaker-phone; (who?) says site by Telus Field was occupied 11 years ago, after 5 years they won; power plant was operating for over 100 yrs on a burial ground; City owns Epcor, they w/ AltaLink will supply power to the oil sands and support the Keystone XL Pipeline.
Jenika: Announces we should break into Spokescouncils
(Who?): The 105 St. location would be logistically difficult, water run-off bad (pools)
Brian: concerns that cops are going to try and evict us tonight; something’s fishy; doesn’t understand why we would move there because it’s no more aboriginal than this park is
Wayne: Propose we have a strategic discussion about what we will do about larger OWS objectives instead of just the park occupation; how do we move forward?
Peter S: Cemetary land has stronger emotions and we’d get a lot more support from native community; he’s wiling to stay until Xmas!
Chelsea: land used to be owned by Hudson’s Bay reserve, leased it to Northland, was supposed to be protected but then allowed Epcor to use it; transmission lines over a sacred site make it more important because of the way it was acquired
Mo: Asks videotapers to cease & desist videotaping
Chelsea: Clarifies no videotapes because it’s strategy (not in minutes); we still need transparency;
(Who?): Reminds this is a public meeting and we shouldn’t be hiding anything
David: Melcor is watching & listening so no point trying to hide anything
Mo: (missed, sorry)
(woman): suggests we agree to not post on youtube, keep it to ourselves
Chelsea: Asks we vote on whether tactical info be kept out of minutes/offline
Terry: Argues that people on facebook won’t hear about what we’re doing
Bill C: Thinks we’re infiltrated anyway, so what exactly are we keeping secret?
Mo & Chelsea: Let’s move forward.
Mike H: OPTIONS: continue camp here, same capacity, etc. OR downscale/winterize so we can still occupy but it’s more manageable OR Telus Field site (both options) OR occupy and indoor location OR ‘end the ocupation’ and instead organize around different actions
Patrick: In for a penny, in for a pound! We’re part of a movement, what’s limiting our options?
Minute-taker Note: Several people from camp again left via west-side; this needs to be addressed; they are campers but don’t even participate in disussion around camp, but then ignore those who remind them of issues that were resolved/decided upon at camp. (Just my frustrated 2 cents.)
Chelsea: Process point > Form spokescouncils NOW. NEW INFO is OK to add now but let’s save ideological discussions for later. Clarifies Melcor/City issue.
Bill: We’re ticked off that people who don’t camp here tend to make decisions about the camp
Lyndsay: OWS wants us to get a wish-list together for winterization ASAP!! Send info to keyofh@hotmail.com to send in suggestions!
Peter S: notes Shawn not here but other christian community/prayer tent can be used.
Nick: (missed, sorry)
Habib: encourages people to make argumnts for/against so we can get into spokes;
Mo: reiterates what Habib said, says people have other things to do tonight
Gabbo: New location will be cold; people bury their dead there, they don’t live there
Avril: at least we could have fires in tipis there
Mo: Asks peole to break into Spokes for 20 min…
Mic checK: Asks campers to form our own group; or campers lead discission in group, and non-campers will ask how they can support, suggest ideas, etc.
Amelia: Welcome back from Spokes
Anna & Dustin: for Camp > STAY & challenge fire ban – “hell no, we won’t go!”
Mo: 9 of 10 want to stay & winterization; we could also hold indoor GAs at banks, cafe’s; need tipis, army tents
Alex: in favour of moving to other location in solidarity w/ aboriginal commnity, and need support ourselves, but need to seriously address logistics of overnights there (lacking water, electricity, etc.) Student friendly areas (warm places to read/homework, etc.)
Gord: wants occupation to continue but recognizes that moving isn’t a defeat; need to be preemptive re: handling problems
Habib: reminds all we need to discuss long-term objectives
Daniel M: If we stay we must winterize, other options exist (as noted); other location is logistically harder/colder; 3rd option indoors
Coltan: for continuing with winterization, whether here or elsewhere
Lyndsay: OWS will help us, get us media attention! Yays!
Proposal: STAY HERE?

Mike H blocks (not necessarily?) – how do we bring in bigger tents, etc? Doesn’t think this location is viable
Lyndsay: could build there while we stay here
Bill: establish a permanent presence here; same discussion every week is ridiculous; oter location difficult to get bus there, etc. – why is aboriginal support conditional on other location?
Brooke: conditional because private land could remove tipis
Miro: (sorry, missed)
Brad: articulates concerns about why some people left; one of problem is that we don’t have necessary infrastucture to keep going; they would like to be here but can’t without infrastructure or better social supports
Carolyn: move to space that allows us to grow; traffic over walterdale bridge is good/visible
Mo: Walterdale excludes walking traffic
Chris: someone should scout out other location; committed campers here should have a disproportionately influential voice; he will support campers concerns
Mitch: would require far more people than we now have to build other camp
Riley: (sorry missed)
Amie: if we move elsewhere would we have enough help there?
Kaitlin: (sorry missed)
Lynsday: build other site while we stay here
Panda: ”thanks for coming, freezing my nuts off”; proposes if anyone gets arrested tonight they need others to tke care of their stuff, doesn’t want “pigs getting their hands on his drum”, etc.
(Who?): (sorry missed)
Terry: disconnect between needing more people but feeling campers’ views are paramount; if more people not here, why? What to do to get them here?
(Who?): not comfortable sleeping in a cemetary
Bill: Cemetary is OK because of aboriginal community blessing
Mo: any more proposals?
Brooke: stay here until we’re forcibly removed?
(who?):  we need to winterize by Thursday
Chelsea: if peope are voting on issues arond camp needs please sgn up for shifts tonight, marshal, kitchen, etc.
Lyndsay: need people here at 11:01 and bring cameras, iPhones
Mike: winterization WG needed
Brooke: (sorry missed)
Mo: on-site winterization group only had 1 meeting so far, need more input/help
Chelsea: reads off several options as note by Mike H above.
General consensus: PASSED to stay here and build other site in case we are evicted. None opposed to winterization plan.
Mo: winterization group needs more members, sign up here on board; #s dwindling as peope wander off again.
Chelsea: must soon decide budget for winterization costs.
Dustin: willing to help design buildings (yurts, etc.)
• Awesome posters distributed
• Meeting adjourned approx. 9:05pm

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