General Assembly Minutes Nov. 20th

July 4th will be a GA in the US including all cities, 2 delegates per.

Use of hand signals


Patrick offers place for showers


Mo – met with CUPW delegates. Spoke of eviction, union members will come at 11, and donated $410 to us. Union members worry about job loss.

Delay of payment from OWS, members out of jail, ordered sleeping bags, lanterns, sleeping pads. Mike may buy other items on his own to be re-payed, will call wholesale sports tomorrow to find out delivery or pickup options


Eviction notice, police said they would not move in, sent Melcor another letter, asking for mediation. Melcor says they have safety concerns wood stoves, and sleeping overnight. Ralph said mediation might have worked earlier, but its too late, but still, we can meet tomorrow morning at 10am.

Ralph sent email to media but with concerns, public urination, smoke, fires, etc.

Two letters drafted, one before police intervention, and one after.

Mike – possibility of eviction at any time realistically, use of lock box. If interested, devices can be provided.


Action/Question, Brookfield Properties at 1PM tomorrow, unsure if they actually have an office here in Edmonton. Need a scout on location to see if is actually where we think it is. Volunteers selected. Propose to hold off until next day. No need. Temp check and consensus, YES it’s a go.

Add location to minutes here

Wednesday major Mandel has public consultation on $10.5 million services cut, Mic check! Access is open even to individuals not on the list. Position people all over. Consensus YES Time 8am until 6pm, action at 1pm. Need the mic check writeup. ie “You can give 100 million to Katz and then cut 10.5 million from services” transit, snow removal, etc etc Resources requested. Multiple times possible point made. Meeting is about whole budget, recommend registering beforehand, prioritized if registered, critical mass of people is better, one or two lines. Discussion on the mic check text.

Proposal for 2 times , sign up list at camp and make fb event volunteered.


Propose – Put out media message in support of Egypt – YES

Propose – If we get evicted, Petro-Canada land? 1 in 4 chance of cancer on land. Alta Environment dismissed complaint. Near Shaw Center Trans Canada Trail. Comments, not talk about it now. Question, is it safe?

Proposal – new signs made, please keep in food tent.

Point – don’t make dates on the internet if nothing is happening like today, packing up at 2pm, GA at 2pm, when people showed and nothing happened. Watch out for cry wolf syndrome. Communication error on packing up, truck arrival, etc etc. Touch base with Brian. Post apology to those that did come. Consensus – YES. Bottom liner? Kirk – Chelsea posted?

Camp teardown. Propose safe space for stuff.

Gill, AFL says keep tent and let it get confiscated, it’s a small price to pay for standing up for freedom.

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