General Assembly Minutes Nov. 2nd

decisions in bold
tabled discussion/ proposals in italics

1. Review of process, community norms, last nights GA decisions and proposals
2. Updates:
3. Music Working Group
4. Camp (generator, winterization, marshalls, kitchen, evening numbers, finance)
5. Outreach / Communications

1. Review of process, community norms, last nights GA decisions and proposals

  • Overview of consensus process.
  • Please refrain from smoking, interrupting, one speaker at a time.
  • last nights decisions: winterize at current site, move to alternate location if evicted. Supposed to come to a decision on spending allotment for interim winterization.

2. Updates


  • Bill leaving for 2 days, need sound system people, now have 4 people who can set up the tech
  • Proposed concert at artery in the next couple weeks: need an outline of what, when, how much it would cost, promo needs
  • Violin player available
  • Proposal to look into a CD player that is battery powered: need to have price quotes for sound system, usage, batteries, rechargeable?


  • Proposal to get generator: need price quotes for possible generator.
  • Teepee available, one instead of two from Duane Goodstriker. Needs to know timeline of our potential use.
  • Concern: candles used in tents, fire hazard? No, use lanterns.
  • Evening shift numbers looking the same: same people doing same roles, want more.
  • Interest in second location, need to come up with preparations if evicted. Also interested in acting in solidarity with the struggle involved in second site.
  • Need a finance proposal to pass for interim winterization
  • Some folks are looking into abandoned spaces for Occupy to hold GAs
  •  **** editors note: minutes edited to keep topics together as there was an interim discussion on outreach that happened during this time that will be summarized below*****
  • How much are we going to spend on winterization?
  • consensus: to spend $1179 on tent, $300 on heaters
  • ** timeline edit again to keep minutes topics on topic**
  • Candle in jar idea: proposal to use the candle in jar method, have some bottom-liners looking into prices, amounts, and getting materials together to build these candle jars: Kirk, Doug, Nick
  • Also a live working proposal is a $1500 teepee (20 feet) and a $1000 teepee (15 feet) price quotes, looking into protocol around setting up teepees and checking in with Elders in the community and FN allies. Chelsea is bottom lining this.
  • Proposal to look into how to get off the ground when people sleep: foam, cardboard, styrofoam – need to look into effectiveness, price comparisons, and to see if we can get these donated through Union allies, through people in trades with cheaper prices, and so on.

    Just to note that this is an urgent issue. People are getting extremely cold sleeping on the ground (because body heat dissipates into the ground quickly without a barrier). If anyone has the time to look around either online or in Edmonton for sources of foam pads (need not be self-inflating due to higher cost), 15 of them, please submit your findings here by tomorrow afternoon, for proposal at tomorrow nights GA.

    Store, rating, size, cost, and anything else you might think prudent.

Outreach / and / Communications / Education

  • Katie Reid, political scientist at U of A, could be outreached to for liaising between U of A, academics, and camp.
  • Issue: some complaints coming in that people on the street are claiming to be occupy members and are asking for money/ soliciting.
  • Proposal: outreach team that has identifiable patches, binders of materials, who talk to people in the street about our group. Visibly identifiable street teams that could be deployed in the area as well as elsewhere in the city. Potential workshop this weekend to share skills on public outreach/engagement. Need communications team to create/print off outreach materials for street teams. Need a visibly identifiable patch (large size, pin to shirt) to be made.
  • U of A students want more info, also need to have high school outreach
  • Need info for representatives for educational students/ public — Panda, Amelie
  • November 9th, 4-5:30 at iHouse: discussion on Consensus- Chelsea
  • United Nurses outreach: for more medical support, letter written up – Kellie
  • Mountain equip co-op: letter to seek support
  • Education: workshops on how to educate ourselves
  • ask people about what they want changed
  • good conversations in camp
  • Proposal to have movie nights in a warm tent, documentaries for educationals.
  • Issue: scammers: ripping off people
  • Group: global troubleshooters, work with them about helping people who have been scammed: David

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