General Assembly Minutes Nov. 4th

Hi folks,

as it was the coldest it’s ever been, we do not have minutes that were
taken from tonights GA

this is as i remember them. if there’s anything missing, fill in the blanks!

General Assembly: November 4th, 6:30

1. GA update from previous GA
2. tent proposal
3. optics
4. melcor update
5. winterization
6. kitchen

1. GA update from previous GA

- (see previous minutes)

2. tent proposal

- Mike H brought a quote for two army tents, 16 feet x 16 feet each = 16
feet by 32 feet as they can be conjoined.
- They are about an hour away, and they cost $3000. can buy one instead
of both for $1500
- discussion on tents vs building structures for less cost and utilizing
building skills
- *proposal got pushed to tomorrows GA as the mover of the proposal had
to leave and there were outstanding winterization questions.*

3. Optics

- we look disorganized right now
- media concern: how we look
- *Make effort tomorrow during camp build to tidy up.*

4. Melcor updates

- Melcor put up signs regarding the fact that it is a private park and
that it is not to be used between 11pm – 5am
- Melcor reps came down to camp today regarding the building of the
platform that was being built.
- The Melcor representatives from our camp were not present and members
from camp spoke with the representatives. There is an email summary of this
dialogue on occupy edmonton.
- some concerns were raised about non-reps answering questions on behalf
of the camp, tactical engagement, and so on.
- Melcor raised concerns over the building of the structures
- there may be some concerns by melcor on trust issues without having
communicated the building of these structures through our reps, likely
escalation issues arising

5. Winterization

- recap of outstanding proposals, tents, purchases, budget, built
- *Tomorrows GA is dedicated, with only ONE agenda item, to finalize
decisions on winterization.*
- *proposal to build off-site first, carries to discussion tomorrow *
- it’s cold, yo.

6. Kitchen

- putting food in the kitchen, food designated for occupants who are
here for movement
- kitchen tent is used by marshalls, medics, kitchen staff
- kitchen wants warm space for people to meet at.

7. Proposals

- *that we create a working group that is interested in workshopping
demands that get brought to GA*
- *that workshops will be had regarding campaign planning, strategic
planning, and how to have conversations about demands so that we can build
consensus without competition*
- *i forget.*

sorry, yall!

ooobliyayy’d. please add, as the proposals were interesting but I was away
for a bit to take care of some bootsness… :)


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