General Assembly Minutes Nov. 6th

1. Finance
2. Lynettes proposal: kitchen
3. sister location
4. incident
5. winterization

1. Finance

  • we have enough for the tent, can reimburse $600 to mike, have $500 in holding but need to confirm
  • OWS decides tuesday on support
  • $400 online donations coming in (unconfirmed)

2. Lynettes proposal – Kitchen

  • proposal to have set meal times, 12pm and 5pm, with snacks available. Decision delayed
  • accessibility of food for certain dietary and blood sugar needs to be taken into consideration

3. Sister Location working group

  • Sister indoor location working group braintrust committee
  • met to establish location ideas, looking for input, interested in fundraising for camp and sister location
  • next meeting: 5pm, wednesday, at commerce place, main floor
  • group would be self sustained, separate donations, open to all, a place for volunteers, space would exist to support camp.
  • would also be able to host outreach, communication materials, printer, finance documnets, printer and power capacities are being looked at
  • proposal to have a camp orientation for new volunteers.
  • fundraisers would set some money for camp and are looking to draw own volunteers and not split camp.
  • they are scouting locations.
  • looking to report back again on activities to GA after wednesday meeting.
  • if you want to get involved, email Gabbo for minutes, meetings, updates. (dont have gabbos email)

4. Incident

  • late evening incident, need to have conversation on escalation vs de-escalation
  • code of conduct has been sent to list. good neighbours policy.
  • need more cameras.
  • non-violence policy was already agreed on
  • crossing of line and loss of trust
  • list of recommendations by people at incident:
    - nonviolence
    - verbal
    - use your liaisons
    - non-intoxication of people responding/ zero tolerance policy
    - workshop and scenario training: de-escalation, provocation, violence
    - moving main tents into park space
    - de-escalation as the expectation
    - no drinking no drugs: offsite as well for people at camp and on overnight shift
    - if there’s a zero tolerance policy there’s less incidents and liabilities
  • some campers dont wantt o be here until a decision is made on camper who escalated situation in very serious way
  • ask police for de-escalation training?
  • issues of behaviour in general by some people, camper safety and security
  • need new protocols and roles: people videoing, people responding, group me updaters
  • we have community norms but no rules on enforcement as of yet except for case-by-case basis
  • priority should be given to campers security over people who dont camp: cant have the group of people who camp leave
  • person not welcome at this point, if group impacted can workshop conditions of re-entry and bring it back, that’s a way to move forward
  • person no longer welcome to participate in GA, WGs, camp. if he’s here, ask if he knows of decision. contact him by email/ point person. and later removal.
  • issue of other indivudals whose behaviour makes peoples roles harder (kitchen mess, behaviour, verbal abuse). using of services but dont participate even after much time. concern coming from people regularly at camp.
  • repeat offenders alientating ppl at camp
  • issues of substances into camp.
  • proposal: workshop on grieving and positive change
  • JJ: issue. has had chances.
  • non-participation at camp: be less burden. more help.
  • Media trolling for more incoherent person. also media is hate-stoking.
  • volunteer schedule: daily duties- to enable participation, also as a reference of people who could be doing something.
  • media workshop needed.
  • workshops: medic: training: potentially sunday, when we’re all set up.
  • try to post workshops in advance.
  • need continutiy of treatment to epople.

5. winterization

  • getting check, tents @ 10am, noon, teepee @ 2.
  • put out the word, pack up tents, take to GP office

open mic
- new signs
-workshop on texts
-scheudle working times?

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