General Assembly Minutes Nov. 7th

Part 1 of minutes TBA

Calgary updates;
-they have 1230 GAs, as well as 630 GA’s
-between 11-12, people from Outreach outreach
-Media 2 hour delay for preparation
-Sunday evening potluck
-City hall GA every so often for the creation of example
-Research dean clifford, advice from
-David Swann spoke with Calgary Occupy

–Recommended to that we do not give consent to search when asked, make verbal
–ask for written documentation or search warrant when asked for search
–take pictures,video, record everything.
–retrieve badge number, name and archive when speaking to police
–remain civil


-Ryans poems

–6 sided structure, uses 4/8 sheets of material and nails, Modular
–Used as disaster relief buildings
–Styrofoam found for use with structures
–proposal for a few small ones, prx. 300 a piece, 14-15 diameter
–very little waste
–legal issues/building permits/needs research
–anything smaller than 10×10 is considered a shed, and does not require building permit
–Yurt definition may give aid to legal case
–Proposal requires more attention before finalized decision

-Other structures
–Insulate army tent walls/ use of insulated tarps or/wood and insulation
–build more floor
–stove? If so, insulation may not be required – Al Skognes – 426-7505 – 250-5672
–Fire code on stoves needs research
–Recommended speaking to fire dept.
–Fire extinguishers

-Recovery Meetings working group– proposed meetings begin at 2pm Sunday

-Sunday potluck’s 6pm/No GA
**consensus made**


-Refuse tent searches **consensus met**

-Kitchen eviction measures
–ask specified person to leave, with individuals involved in scenarios formulating a list of proposals or repremendations that should be met before allowance of specified individual to continue in GA’s and camp procedures
–deny welcome rather than enforce eviction
–police have mentioned willingness to collaborate
–a liason for specified case
** consensus made**

-working group for the purpose of bringing additional feminism to camp

-GA at the Ledgislature or other such building, Panda bottomlining
**consensus made**

-1230 GA
**consensus made**

-A single written media statement/release agreed upon at GA’s a day
–holding power/forcing media interviews to make appointments
–available in main tent for all to read
–official media release after GA’s
–Proposal needs work.

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