General Assembly Minutes Nov. 8th

Review, GAs

sat night

statement of unity

we are not discussing proposals that were put off from last GAs

waiting to hear back on update
some money, another donation
no update yet on OWS support!
NO WAIT! approval of 7500$ by OWS!! WOO HOOOO!!!! YAYYY!!!
need to send huge thanks!
we need to check in on spending proposal, discretion, and so on.
finance is thinking about opening own bank account
have 500$, also $200 in bank
creating a form for money requests. budget. and receipts. but if over 100$ has to come to GA.

Still looking for spokespersons, media workshop this weekend
2 requests for speakers – looking for people to present at parkland institute and edmo city youth council
we have key message document, asking everyone to review the sheet so that when media is here we can talk to us.
idea of scrap book of what media was they are saying about us.
last nights proposal: to have a media release to media every day, and that it was posted in camp. not heard of from comms.

annas got some workshops coming up, workshop focus for this weekend
media workshop for this weekend.
where is workshop board?
need more people on workshop committee
mike is working on some workshops as well: media workshop, history of Non violent direct action and slideshow. next wednesday: media workshop with Bill M.K.
w-shop tomoro at 1pm, stuff learned/ share knowledge about OWS. also available for evening. interesting models for our uses.
tea, concoctions, and herbs workshop being finalized
online calendar, but need daily workshop physical space.
sunday: 2pm addictions meeting, 3pm Nick D from postal workers: occupy workplace.
medic workshop: saturday. 
- royalty tax workshop: lawyer
- facilitation workshop: brook.

Saturday night!
idea to have a party!
peoples poets maybe, breath in poetry, politic live, putting out feelers.
how to get in touch with Bill? Also Colins system, Eric K also offered sound system.
need to hear back from people on logistics before setting a time.
marshalls, medics, security.
advertise to? supporters? or external?
Anyone who can marshall can meet after.
a facebook event, invite on listserves, etc.
advertising at camp :) so campers know :) make a sign.

syringes in toilettes. they will refuse service if we dont deal with this.
request that locks are put on it, keep a key with marshalls.
letter locks/ combo locks : so no key needed, but difficult to see combo at night.
key in the food tent, kept there?
key with a big spoon on it or something.
maybe get a needle deposit box on site- someone is getting a box for on site.
not within reach of children.
also requires service of proper disposal.
might ask street works or bissel or other groups to remove the needles.
proposal passed: to ask social work working group to help solve this issue on needle removal and whether bissel or other groups can figure it out.
contract is for 28 days. we would have to get toilettes for another 28 days.
proposal: wheelchair accessible bathroom quote, see how much one or two are.
can finance ask postal workers to donate another 28 days. toilette committee is going to ask CUPW
proposal: put keys on bathrooms and locks, and key kept on site. temporary.
note posted: big sign on portapotties : no syringes.

christian community outreach going well,
pastor shawn is mobilizing community
writing a prayer letter: people to pray for us. will put a copy in kitchen for people to submit edits to.

Nov 11th action:
Saturday: cross- canada day of action on saturday: harpers attacks on unions, social programs. no set concept, but what would we want to do on sat? — bottom liners. also unions are keen to support.
Anniversary: saturday? or the next 15th.
Dec 6th vigil here and then there.
calgary edmonton action idea
releasing something to media: on the issue with veteran :)
proposal: action parameters and conduct and expectations of actions. what we’re okay with, what we’re not okay with, tactics.


draft has gone over lists, on facebook
document would be at camp, marshalls would be expected to work to enforce this as first responders.
add in: ableism: in general. also on homelessness and mental health issues as well.
make a large copy, post on signs.
proposal: neighbours polciy with amendment passes

divide tent in two: one half for GAs, workshops, other side for kitchen.
also to get stoves to put in the tents, also get fire extinguishers, and fire retardant blankets to put around stove.
white tent: use for people to sleep in. white tent: put stove in, becomes sleeping tent.
power: generators, biodiesal maybe, other issues
sleeping quarters space uses.
potential to build bunks to get off ground and sleep on.
should check in with kitchen group, regular campers if this proposal is ok. So holding off on decision: Noon tomorrow to make decision. go online and also physical hard copy of the proposal here.

Statement of Unity
circulated online, some modifications/suggestions as it stands.
use of: on website, in literature, etc. can be incorporated into media.

comments in press, doesnt want us here,
angry about arena: action proposal.

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