General Assembly Minutes Oct. 30th


  • No one is barred from the kitchen, just when hot food is being cooked, clear out
  • shirts available
  • solidarity banner for tomorrow, going to NYC
  • occupy edmonton links on website available for Winterization
  • Alberta Federation of Labour willing to help Winterize
  • Nov. 5th “Bank Run” – close your bank account, switch to credit union, ex. Servus Credit Union
  • marine from oakland back to critical condition
  • minute of silence
  • rod proposed more interaction with new faces @ camp
  • park ‘ambassadors’ needed to meet & greet new people
  • occupy calgary visitor, having same issues as us, talking about working w/ occupy calgary movement, people from our working groups interacting with Calgary
  • list of “20 Things” for people to do when at Camp
  • Women’s Caucus – What does it mean? What are the expectations? How do people feel? Who is space for? Give quiet people a chance to speak/share
  • feminist action group
  • University shooting episode, war crime on feminists, vigil needed
  • feminist list serve, what we need to make this space more welcome for feminists/queer
  • bill/franz contact music as a weapon to learn about bike generators
  • battery donations available
  • solar/wind power needs to be looked at
  • Randal Benson can do a needs assessment for power needs
  • online chat room for organizing solidarity movement
  • teepee talk – if we move to another location, timeline needed
  • smoking concerns – do not smoke in General Assemblies, smoke in designated areas
  • work group discussions needed, as well as more WG representatives at GA’s
  • Banner hanging around the city
  • action plan needed for coming weeks

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