General Assembly Tonight!

Today’s General Assembly at 6:30 is very important. I am hoping that as many people as possible will be there. At that assembly we will be deciding the next steps for the camp. We are hoping that people can come with firm proposals and options for what to do next as well as open minds and hearts.

Some of the possibilities that we will likely discuss:

  • Continue the camp and move to fortify for the winter.
  • Continue the camp but move to a different location and fortify for the winter.
  • Move to occupy an indoor location.
  • Take down the camp and continue organizing in a different fashion.

Each of these options provides challenges and needs. Part of the reason for this discussion is the lack of volunteers for marshaling and medic roles. These needs will have to be addressed for several of the options above to succeed.

Please try your best to take the next day to think about concrete suggestions for what to do and ways to ensure the capacity and success of each option.

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