Letters from Melcor on Nov. 4th

*Letter #1 today from Melcor:*

Rob Butz and Chelsea Taylor,

We are advised that you are constructing some form of structures on
Melcor’s site.

This is not acceptable and not consistent with our understanding of open
communication between our respective groups. You have asked that we not
take any significant action without advising you and we have respected that
request to date.

You are requested to stop construction and immediately remove any lumber
currently on the site.

I have also attached a copy of the corrected signs which we intend to erect
on the site in the near future.

Yours truly,

*Letter #2 today:*

Rob Butz and Chelsea Taylor,

Both Bob Brown and I independently visited the site today and advised the
carpenters to discontinue their construction, which has been ignored.

They advised that they are building many base structures for new tents to
replace the existing tents and plan on utilizing some form of gas heating.
They also advised that the group intends to limit the users of the site and
disallow sleeping on the ground. There was a suggestion that some form of
barbeque or open fire might be initiated, which could also cause serious

The use of open fires, gas heaters and construction of insulated bases is
unacceptable to Melcor.

We have advised the Edmonton Police Service of our concern and we are
considering our options for further action to protect the site, the users
of the site and Melcor’s rights and liabilities. We are also in contact
with City officials to keep them advised of activities on the site.

*Our proposed reply:*

Dear Ralph,

I am going to bring these matters to the attention of the General Assembly
tonight if possible. We (the group that acts as the liaison between Melcor
and the camp) want to make sure that Occupy Edmonton is aware of yours’ and
Melcor’s understanding of the situation.

To be very clear, we (those of us in the liaison group corresponding with
you) can never promise an outcome, because we are not “leading” the General
Assembly in any way, simply communicating the General Assembly’s desires to
you, and Melcor’s and yours to the G.A. The camp takes responsibility for
actions within its control at Jasper/102 and the consequences that result.

We insist, as always, that Melcor has a range of choices as to how to
respond and that to our knowledge, our use of the Jasper/102 costs Melcor

My understanding from our General Assembly last night that we have agreed
upon no open fires. I will attempt to clarify this with the GA tonight.

Quoting you: “They also advised that the group intends to limit the users
of the site and disallow sleeping on the ground.”

This is absolutely true. While more have been invited to stay at the site,
we have asked people no longer using the tents to claim them, or we will
store them for pickup later as soon as possible.

We also consider it dangerous to be sleeping on the ground, and the Social
Workers’ Outreach Group in the camp is determined to get anyone who happens
by the park to a shelter well before they close.

Edmonton’s often full shelters and lack of adequate social housing options
draws numerous persons who live on the street to Occupy Edmonton for
safety, but we recognize that people who have additional issues beyond
homelessness are beyond the capacity of our camp to handle. Therefore, as a
last resort, we are calling ambulances or police to the site to have people
taken away to emergency forms of shelter.

Again, Ralph, my understanding is that the camp is (and will do) necessary
and responsible work to keep campers safe at night.

Thank you again for your continued updates. I will email you again after
the GA, late tonight.


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