Occupy Edmonton Facing Eviction 11pm this Sunday

Occupy Edmonton into it’s 36th day is now facing another eviction notice for this Sunday, November 20th for 11pm. But from our sources and perspective, this time is serious. Want to know why? Come down tomorrow and we can tell you. Has everything to do with collaboration between police, the city, and Melcor.

Once again, the general assembly has decided to stay through the potential eviction timeline in order to fight for a system that works for, and not against the 99% of us. We are against corporate influence of our political institutions, we are against continuing the destructive economic system that is destroying our planet, and we are against increasing economic inequality that has stagnated middle class income growth and continued to divide people. Our vision is bold, our demands are diverse, and another world is possible. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.  (yeaaa Arundhati Roy!)

We also have back-up locations in mind, but want to be able to leave on our own terms. Melcor had sought a quadrilateral meeting between the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Police services, Melcor and Occupy Edmonton. Now, without any prior warning, they have notified us that they plan to evict us as of 11pm. We had been concerned that we were being drawn into a space where 3 of our representatives would be pressured to make decisions on behalf of the entire movement, but now we are facing an entirely different scenario that actually empowers a grassroots approach.

Why wont we leave? This notice came abruptly in spite of Melcors request for these meetings. The perception of camp is that Melcor has been observing the proceedings in other cities and is trying to capitalize on evictions from public property.

The Plan:

  • because we are facing confiscation and charges for moving our items, we need to downsize our camp.
  • all small tents will be packed up, our army tent will need to be taken down.
  • we also plan to move everything except our white tent, stove, and platforms.
  • we need people to help tear down everything except the white tent. we hope to pack the truck up from 8:30 to 11pm with everything torn down already and ready to go.
  • there will be a general assembly at 2pm and 6:30 pm.
  • there will be workshops on Know your Rights, De-escalation, and Legal Observation starting at 5pm. Know your rights and de-escalation are for potentially arrestable people, and Legal Observation is for people who cannot face arrest.
  • we need people to show up at 10:00 pm to stand and defend the Occupy Edmonton protest.
  • We will have a GA on monday at 6:30. If our camp is still there, we will have at camp (102nd and Jasper). If we are evicted, we will have our GA at Grant MacEwan, 107 building at 7pm.

What you can do:

  • help tear down camp. Starts early on Sunday, all day.  packing it into truck starting at 8:30pm
  • bring down cameras and other equipment and come down for Legal observation training at 5pm.
  • attend the General Assemblies at 2pm and 6:30pm.
  • come down and defend Occupy Edmonton camp between 10:00pm and beyond. While it will be late on a sunday, any and all help and presence will be appreciated!
  • tell your friends and pass along this email, send out texts to supporters, tell your friends!
  • phone and email Melcor about eviction: Phone: (780) 423-6931 , inquiries@valianttrust.com
  • sign this petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/3/stop-the-eviction-of-occupy-edmonton/
  • write letters to editors at news outlets. comment on news articles related to Occupy Edmonton.
  • attend the general assembly on Monday at 6:30 at camp, or at 7pm at Grant MacEwan at the 107 building. (check camp if you do not get an update about whether we’ve been evicted or not)
  • bring down some food throughout sunday as we will be packing up our kitchen and will not have time to cook up for camp.
  • bring down coffee, tea and goodwill :)

Thank you for your consideration and we look forwards to building a just and equitable society with all of you. Occupy Edmonton does not think that the eviction will result in the end of our movement, because we are more than a space in the downtown core. We have back up locations in mind to set up at. Please stay tuned for help on how to get involved. Consider coming to the next General Assemblies if we do face eviction as we will be planning on our next steps. Many thanks for your continued support.

Love is the movement,

Occupy Edmonton

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