*Occupy Edmonton to Make Special Mayoral Delivery*

********MEDIA ADVISORY********

*Edmonton, AB –* Members of Occupy Edmonton will be going to city hall
today to make a special delivery to Mayor Mandel. Mandel has been very
vocal about his opposition to the peaceful assembly and says he is
considering options which may include shutting off power to the site.

Despite recently approving millions of tax-payer dollars to subsidize the
billionaire Katz group the Mayor is pledging over $10 million in city
service cuts. Occupy Edmonton will be making the ‘special delivery’ to help
the Mayor focus, not on how to shut down peaceful free expression, but on
improving supports for all members of Edmonton, decreasing proposed cuts to
city services and preventing cash giveaways to billionaires.

Occupy Edmonton would like the Mayor and city council to follow in the
footsteps of cities like Seattle that not only support the Occupation but
are looking at ways to address it’s demands. You can read the most recent
resolution here: http://bit.ly/sF2QXk

*What: Delivery to Mayor Mandel*

*Who: *Occupy Edmonton, Concerned residents of Edmonton and surrounding

*When: *1:00 pm, Thursday November 10th

*Where: *City Hall.

The Occupy Edmonton group is concerned about how corporate interests are
infecting our political institutions, dictating public policy and
decimating the environment. They are also concerned about a system that
puts the hunger for profits above the health and well being of all our

Occupy Edmonton is united with groups and movements around the world that
want a system that works for, not against, the 99% of us.


Rob Butz: 1-780-667-4942.

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