Occupy Wall Street Donates $7,500 in Cold-Weather Survival Gear to Occupy Edmonton

Edmonton, AB – Occupy Wall Street just approved a $7,500 donation to Occupy Edmonton, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to help grow the global occupy movement. Occupy Wall Street members voted in favor of the donation at last night’s general assembly in NYC.

“We were overjoyed to hear the news. With this donation we will be able to push through the winter and continue to fight for systems that work for most people not against them,” said Lyndsay Werbecky, a member of Occupy Edmonton.

Occupy Edmonton, one of the most northern occupations on the planet, will be able to purchase $7,500 in cold weather gear to survive harsh winters that have reached temperatures with the wind chill of -58.4 ºC or -73.12 ºF.

Support for Occupy Edmonton from OWS will also include video trainings provided over the OWS livestream on topics like non-violent communication skills, consensus decision-making and direct action to help fortify the occupation so they can continue to echo the call for systemic change and a system that works for the 99%.

“Hearing Occupy Edmonton’s request for a letter of support, the OWS general assembly was so moved by their situation, and their determination, that they sent real support – and a big shout-out of encouragement,” said Laura Kolnick, a Canadian member of Occupy Wall Street.  “We look forward to close ties with Occupy Edmonton as we build a global movement.”

“We were more than happy to provide the donation. This is a global movement for justice. The crimes occurring against regular people aren’t just happening here in New York city but in cities all over the world,” said Sean Allingham, a Canadian member of Occupy Wall Street. “The themes of corporate control of political institutions, growing inequity and environment destruction ring true here just as they do in Edmonton, Alberta. Corporations have taken our world but by supporting each other and working in cities across the planet we will take it back.”


For More Information Please Contact:
Lyndsey Werbecky, Occupy Edmonton, 780-758-5578
Mike Hudema, Occupy Edmonton, 780-504-5601
Sean Allingham, Occupy Wall Street, 718-316-0481

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