Upcoming Events!

As winterization continues, we will be re-organizing the camp and removing any tents that will not make it through the winter months. Please bare with us as we tidy up the park and create a safer space for everyone.

With that said, this weekend we have a lot going on! Please keep an eye on the Calendar because we’ve got many events happening such as Media and Messaging workshop, Direct Action Slideshow, Non-Association Recovering Alcoholics Meeting, Occupy Your Job: Solidarity Unionism workshop, Talent Show, and the (now) Weekly Potluck.

I would like to touch on the last two I mentioned. The Talent Show will begin after the General Assembly on Saturday. If you come and ‘register’ or say you are willing to perform we will do our best to oblige. The sound system we will have is yet to be determined(always looking for volunteers for equipment, etc.). So far we have some acoustic musicians and possibly a DJ.

Bottom line is if you bring everything you need to perform, than you will have an audience. The Facebook event page is here: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=317419501604778

The Potluck is going to be on Sunday around 6pm. There will no longer be General Assemblies on Sundays. We want to turn this into a weekly event to bring like-minded people together and also give those heavily involved in the camp a break to relax and socialize.

Please bring any food that you can, warm drinks are also welcome(non-alcoholic)! We must also cater to some people with dietary restrictions in our camp so please bring a variety of dishes such as vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and meat dishes, too!

Alcohol and drugs will not be tolerated at camp(Camp Guidelines).

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