Workshop Working Group Minutes Oct. 29th


Workshops Needed and Offered:
1. Hard Camp Skills (most needed)

- medic/wound care (Tophie Daves offered up)
- marshaling, including conflict resolution/de-escalation

- winterizing/winter camping – Brenden can take on organizing this
2. General Political Education (needed & offered)
- anti-oppression
- canvassing/outreach
- anarchism & marxism in conversation
- prisons 101

- history of popular power & economy – Brenden and pal ready to do this Wed, Nov 2 @ 5pm

3. Overlapping both categories
- facilitation/working in groups
- how not to be shitty to each other

Who is the audience for workshops?
- camp(ers)
- non-camp(ers)

Communication/Outreach about Workshops
- sign-up schedule whiteboard at camp (Ben will make sure this is updated)
- external promo – mostly on facebook & occupy website (Kim)
- Brenden will make sure info is passed between the two promo methods

Various Education Methods
- workshops
- printed material in info tent
- signs up around camp e.g. consensus hand signals

- what’s useful is not necessarily what would be well received

- estimated couple 100 people cycle through camp, a few core logistics folks always there

- there is a need for people who know what they’re doing re: logistics
- **needed/suggested workshops: kitchen, medic (incl basic wound care – Tophie Daves can do), marshaling, winterizing/winter camping
- not many of the marshals went to the con-fusion/de-fusion workshop, some of them are not good with conflict resolution
- **needed/suggested: canvassing/outreach – people would like this; arts workshop – for more signs, for dealing with stress
- there seems to be no art working group any more… but someone who was bottomlining the w.g. is maybe coming back to town soon?
- outreach w.g.: not sure who that is right now
- need to work on internal camp communication
- there is a new facilitation w.g. – on Oct 27 Lynette and Trevor facilitated the G.A.; Oct 28 Brooke and Trevor did – G.A. process is getting better….

- **needed/suggested: facilitation & working in groups workshop

- would be great if this workshop could get invited into w.g. meetings and do an in-service on how to work together, esp. finance, kitchen
- **needed/suggested: anti-oppression (general overview), feminism, power (longer-term need)
- need to get people started step by step – start with getting people aware of behaviours that might be harmful or unproductive in the first place, then move to an analysis of oppression/power
- who is the audience?
- there is a dynamic between ‘homeless folks’ and ‘the occupy movement’ at camp
- **needed/suggested: de-escalation & non-violent intervention
- there was supposed to be a workshop by Streetworks on Oct 28 – didn’t happen
- are people who work at service agencies willing to come do trainings – some are, some are not
- there are enough people at camp who have non-violent intervention training and could run one
- could de-escalation be workshop #1 and then anti-oppression be #2? (step-by-step…)
- right now, the two main priorities at camp are getting the G.A. running smoothly and figuring out the basics of camp
- there is now more familiarity with the consensus hand signals, G.A.s running more smoothly
- there are tips from New York (Occupy Wall Street) on our facebook page
- would be great to print off resources for the info tent
- maybe a 2-part facilitation workshop: a) working in groups; b) GA & the consensus process
- Occumentary will be Sunday night (film screening)
- if we offer more workshops for non-campers – this will strengthen camp itself
- we should each express if we’re wanting to do a) hard camp skill training or b) general political education workshops
- in Toronto there is a board for people to sign up to do a workshop
- we will also need to pursue people to do particular workshops
- it’s ok to bring people in from outside, as long as they have ideas and resources to offer, and an understanding of what’s going on at camp
- do we need to gatekeep/restrict/control who does workshops? what barriers can we remove for people wanting to do workshops? how do we decrease how much managing we have to do?
- the google calendar is set up to add workshops into the camp schedule
- Anna says she will bottomline coordinating the hard camp skills workshops
- Kim can do external-to-camp outreach for the political education workshops
- Bryan puts stuff on the public occupy site
- facilitators who want to do a workshop should send a description of the workshop to us and we will promote them – this also serves as a bit of a check/balance for workshops whose goals are counter to the generally agreed upon principles of Occupy

- PROPOSAL: we have an open slot every day from 5-6pm for workshops, enough time for a break between the workshop and the G.A. anyone who wants to do a workshop can do so. PASSED informally

- Aliya offered to make up an info sheet for presenters/facilitators that talks about parameters and suggestions for workshops – this will go online but also a hard copy at camp
- a huge whiteboard will be brought down to camp to use for scheduling
- Brenden can maintain the google calendar

- if camp folds, we can still have a 1-day sort of teach-in of workshops

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