General Assembly Minutes Dec. 13th

1. Sharing Circle update
2. Yuletide, advent, santa updates
3. financial update: OWS funding
4. good neighbours policy review
5. occupation updates and discussion
6. code of conduct proposal
7. banner drop proposal

GA Minutes:

1. Sharing Circle update

  • shared feelings on how occupy is going, relationships, tension, dynamics, diversity of issues raised.
  • issues of mechanisms of accountability, early discussions on code of conduct/ good neighbours
  • issues of staying on the same page, unhinging ideas from identity.
  • cost $110 for room
  • we need these circles more often, good for our dynamic.
  • some issues of communicating sharing circle date.
  • idea to have a regularly scheduled sharing circles and locations and times so that it’s regularized and so that people know about it. Also would need to book ahead of time. Need to get more peoples input on the day that works best. ie. 3rd Saturday of January. Kiva room potentially at U of A- in a circle, free. Mike H can try to book it.
  • informal conflict resolution ideas – resolve issues before GAs

2. Yuletide, Advent, Santa Updates

  • Yuletide coming together, bands coming together, not much media pick up yet. 300 posters out and social networking is going well. Under budget – 300posters for under $25. Occupy Media blitz? Mike H sent out media release a few days ago.
  • We need decorators – contact Anna McRobbie – show up at 5pm
  • Need some volunteers for the door.
  • Amie- willing to spokesperson for the show. Also check in with Lindsay to see if she can.
  • Leave silkscreened shirts at the door with # of shirts and list. Mike or Anna can help Chelsea run the shirts over when done from art build.
  • Advent: turnout is growing, logistics are coming together better.
  • Diversity of people attending.
  • every wednesday, 5:45 – 6:45 until christmas. come out!
  • Santa event: might not mic check. mall is really loud and frantic.
  • go in and try to bring cheer.
  • red shirts, parkas.
  • Tomoro: silkscreening the shirts.
  • a few grannies on board, organic candies from herbologists.
  • like the flash occupation: us having fun.
  • grannies: re-wrote lyrics to a song
  • Amie, interested in re-writing a few christmas carols.
  • need to make signs at art build: 5pm – 8pm, Greenpeace sierra warehouse.
  • suggestion: handbills instead of signs because signs a security issues.
  • wear their signs :)
  • idea to wear costumes that have messages in felt.
  • Phil picking up green fabric, acetate sheets.
  • issues on messaging: what’s our message?
    - pro-giving? anti-consumerism? solstice?
    - figure out message at build but good input :)
  • mill creek ravine, solstice event coming together – Jenikas organizing.

3. financial update OWS

  • Checks from stores, but need to put together a plan approved by GA on how reoccupation is going to take place. they want to see plan.

4. Good Neighbours policy:

  • summary/ review of policy:

Occupy Edmonton: Good Neighbour Policy


  • Occupy Edmonton is a family friendly, drug and alcohol free environment.
  • Participants agree to act peacefully, with respect for all people regardless of class, age, gender, sexual orientation, race, belief system, ability, occupation or affiliation.
  • Participants agree not to be verbally or physically abusive to anyone and instead work to express feelings and deal with disagreements constructively.
  • Participants agree not to abuse public or personal property.
  • Occupy Edmonton encourages all participants to respect health and sanitary regulations, and will direct all participants to respectfully utilize appropriate off-site sanitary facilities.
  • Occupy Edmonton discourages members of the occupying public from sleeping in the park unless adequate safety measures have been undertaken and proper shelter is used.
  • Occupy Edmonton will display signage and have marshals on duty in order to ensure awareness of and respect for our guidelines and Good Neighbor Policy.
  • Occupy Edmonton strives to be an anti-oppressive community. We have no space for racism, ageism, ableism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, or hatred in general. We expect all participants to work to create this environment.

5. Occupation dates ideas

  • Might be good to set-up mock camp to teach people how to camp – perhaps weekend camp to try it out.
  • Need to learn to learn how to respect each other, to trust each other.
  • Will likely have a few different occupation plans that people can discuss for the next GA.
  • Perhaps we could have a list of people that wish to camp, and do dry run in someone’s yard.
  • May be good to have a general discussion of when?
  • Might be good to have something surprising or unusual to compliment camp.
  • Also other issues: inclusiveness of environment. how do we communicate between camp and external? also need to articulate goals of encampment. what are some initial actions we want to do? what are some issues that we need to resolve before starting up another camp? what are peoples conditions that they need to get met before returning? what about ways to mobilize that dont have to do with camping out? camp needs to be welcoming, need ambassadors to involve people, have ways for people to sign up for things.
  • ways to occupy – josh has something forthcoming
  • mock practice camping – team building experiences and not having to worry about things in such an intense pace. building skills and group dynamics.
  • Marshall training – compassion and community oriented marshalls.
  • two general proposals coming out – occupy fast, set up rally after the fact, and idea to set up mock camp, set up real camp with march and rally.
  • timelines of reoccupation – needs discussion. deadline concepts help people figure things out.
  • issue: people concerned about inclusion and changing dynamics not part of the camp reoccupation group. if some voices were included in proposal making, that could help make for a better camp.
  • idea: a few GAs to dedicate exclusively to re-occupation discussion.
  • idea: make a list of things that worked, and a list of things that didn’t work, and come out with solutions.
  • proposal: set a specific number of GAs to discuss camp, and concrete date for camp. (2 proposals?)
  • discussion around setting GAs to discuss camp with enough lead time to announce far and wide.
  • discussion over listserve – to also act as a way to announce to community plans to recamp but no specifics
  • idea to have more group process around problems at next GA – making lists of things that worked, things that didnt. dont want competing proposals to come out and highly competitive environment and lack of input around other issues.
  • GA has the abilty to discuss and decide which ideas should go forward.
  • Agree with January 15th re-occupation date.
  • We can talk about re-occupation but shouldn’t talk about specifics.
  • Should potentially put idea of immediate re-occupation as not something GA would likely support so that we can discuss and work out problems/solutions on a month timeline.
  • May need more notice for camp discussion potential first GA being next Tuesday or on the weekend?
  • Will there be times on Tuesday for updates? Yes part of every GA.
  • THURSDAY WILL BE GA FOCUSED ON CAMP. 6:30 pm on Thursday.

Banner Proposal:

  • Phil has a banner – if not you, who? if not now, when? Occupy Everything. Would like to drop it.
  • People to see Phil to come-up with a time and location of when to drop it.
  • Will drop it Saturday sometime.

Code of Conduct:

  • Can something be added around putting our ego at the door? We are and should be challenging people’s ideas but not people themselves. We should not be wed to our ideas and when people challenge our ideas should not take them as personal attacks.
  • Try to bring up ideas in an inclusive and non-harmful manner.
  • People have felt ‘shot down’ by other members in group discussion.
  • Would like to add ;rumour and innuedo’s should not be spread but addressed in an open and honest manner hopefully with the person that the rumour or innuendo is about’
  • Need to figure out what reasonable grounds are.
  • Idea: Per- case basis rather than blanket rules. Grey areas
  • Removal: very open so that it can be individualized, and so that collective can decide. And group can decide conditions of return.
  • Friendly amendments: leave ego at door, criticizing ideas not identity, and addressing rumours.
  • Sexual harassment and sexual assault issues: exception to collective decision-making process, instead a survivor driven process that survivor can decide conditions and group supports that.
  • Questions of process of reintegration.
  • What are absolute boundaries? (ie. violence, etc) would we want to set them?
  • GA responds to issues rather than absolutes? matter of questions. currently worded that it’s still up to the GA on case-by-case.
  • re-entry: idea that they have to be able to identify why they were asked to leave and come up with a list of what they’re going to do and not do differently and facilitation.
  • idea: survivor driven process and outcomes for sexual harassment, sexual violence, and physical violence, so not have to prove it to the GA and not feel supported or feel like the issue gets taken out of their hands. Not for verbal abuses but on physical, sexual violence.
  • survivors rarely believed, process of having to prove themselves, where offenders are placed in preference, or that GA supported offender and not accuser.
  • issues of accusations, hearing both sides of the story, information and good decision making.
  • rumours and speculation.
  • idea: group mediators.
  • difference between communication issues (aggressive at GAs, rumours) and other issues (sexual violence, threats, abuse) in another category. policy currently doesnt reflect these categories. idea to have accused automatically removed and have liaisons to accused. Person who suffered the offense guides process. If there’s a remediation process at all.
  • idea: have walk home people, walk to car people. buddy system, safe walks. more than 1 person walking home.

Metro: asking us what we think of if in the event of the apocalypse / the collapse

  • a sign: “maybe you should have listened to us”
  • collapse over apocalypse – 3 days worth of food, food insecurity, energy insecurity, transportation of food, need to reskill and learn how to preserve local foods, how to build resilient communities, the 1% owns the army, and so on.

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