Occupy The Climate

Global Day for Climate Action (Saturday, Dec. 3rd, 1pm)
Right now the Canadian government is in Durban, South Africa trying to block any progress on an International response to the growing climate crisis. They are actively trying to thwart the process. Luckily, people right across Canada, joined by people all over the planet aren’t going to let them.
We, the 99% know capitalism is broken and can’t fix the earth. Their solutions are killing the planet and poisoning our communities.

We, the 99% know Harper and his friends want more mining and tar sands projects, not real climate solutions and emission reductions.

We will not let the planet be killed in silence.

This Saturday is the Global Day for Climate Action. It will see cities right across Canada and the Planet step up to push back. Join them!!
Global Day for Climate Action
(Occupy the Climate)
1:00 pm
Location Alberta Legislature
More Information to be posted at occupyedmonton.org

Please add your voice to the growing chorus pushing for change. See you Saturday.

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