Donation Update

To Occupy Edmonton – An Update on WePay

As many of you are aware, during the occupation we had an account with WePay for the receiving of donations online.
Almost from the beginning we have been unable to get a hold of this money. WePay has a policy of only transfering money to U.S. bank accounts and people U.S. SSN numbers.
We have tried to find away around this with no success. Potentially transferees faced negative tax results and their would be difficulties with transferring to Canadian citizens who have obtained SSN numbers.
Because this situation has not been resolved and the money has not been claimed. WePay has informed us that all who donated will be reimbursed the money.
Occupy Edmonton has found Canadian alternatives to avoid this situation in the future.
We are sorry for all occupiers and to all who want to change the world that this has happenned.
Regards with love,
Occupy Edmonton

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