General Assembly Meeting Notes – January 28, 2012


1. Report back from consulta
2. Feb 1st
3. Update Enbridge
4. International Week
5. Debate

1. Consulta

  • 40 – 50 participants, discussed messaging, tactics
  • tuition, faculty cuts, student debt
  • broke out into working groups: logistics, arts, outreach, comms, media
  • request for spokesperson training
  • discussion around freeskool
  • facebook event is up
  • comms working group meeting Sunday 10:30 at transcend coffee (109st and 87 ave)

2. Feb 1st

  • problems with getting gear – *can phil provide an update on the minutes?
  • still some gear not claimd from police depot – may be supplies that could be used – *need someone to volunteer to figure this out.
  • communications group developing media work- need update on this
  • art build needed before! We only have until wednesday, so… art build monday evening, 6-10 at the GP warehouse, 64th ave and 104st. text 

3. Enbridge update

  • rally on tuesday went well, great signs
  • friday press conference went well also
  • Sunday: film screening, pipe dreams – noon at the Garneau theatre. film runs 39 minutes and will be followed by a discussion after. Also if we could have handbills ready for our rally and occupation we could hand them out here.

4. International Week

  • two things
  • 1. we need volunteers to staff a table during i-week, feb 2nd, 10am – 2pm. Theres a $10 fee. but this would be great to table at the SUB building and promote the occupation. we’d need sign up sheets (email), handbills, and posters that we could give away. see details below.
  • 2. OE will be putting on a workshop during i-week also feb 2nd, 9:30 – 10:50 at the international house on campus. Jenika and Chelsea will be talking about the GA process, and also use some basic hand signals and process points to steer the conversation to whatever the group wants to talk about.

This is an email to confirm that you have a table at the International Week NGO Fair, Thursday, February 2nd, 10am – 2pm. APIRG, and the I-Week team are very excited to host you, and provide a space on campus to engage with students and help foster active citizenship on, as well as, off campus.

Some fairly important info you will want to take note of:

1) Set up: Please be prepared to show up to the Student Union Building (8900 – 114 Street) at the University of Alberta campus on the morning of at 9:30am to set up your tables. The tables will be interspersed throughout the main floor, so when you arrive, just look for the table with your name on it. Myself, as well as International Week volunteers, will be there to lend a hand at that time, and throughout the day also.

2) Fee: Most folks have had the conversation with my colleagues here about the feel to table at the I-Week fair. It’s $10, and can be paid when you arrive that morning. If you require a receipt, we are happy to provide one.

3) The University has a policy of no soliciting. This just means that folks who are tabling can’t approach students to chat, but must wait for them to come to you. If anyone has any questions or concerns about this aspect of the tabling fair, please feel free to get in touch!


5. Debate – Student group

  • a student group on campus is hosting a debate on feb 2nd at 5pm
  • the question of the debate is: Be It Resolved That (BIRT) the Occupy Wall Street Movement would be better served by embracing a distinct set of policies.
  • other debaters include
    Pro: Paula Simons (the Edm Journal), Greg Anderson (poli sci/econ prof)
    Opp: Michael Macdonald (music prof), ____
  • Chelsea has been approached to represent the opposing side, but obviously this is a debate that has been going on within OE. I think that it would be good to represent that this has been a debate within OE, but that we embrace a diversity of tactics. if people want to develop policy proposals, that’s fine, that’s what we did around our demands. however, what we need to realize is that we did have demands and policy asks and the media didnt cover them. so im wondering who im debating and where they got their info/perceptions from. also wanted to question the “two four, two against” and a vote after method since this runs right up against our consensus based process. if you want to help shape this discussion, please get in touch at chelsea.eff@gmail.com

debate details:
For starters, the name of the event is “A Place for Pragmatic Policy or Peaceful Protest? The OWS debate”

“ 2011: A year of Uprising. Protests all over the world have finally been brought to countries of the “West”. Albania, Algeria, Egypt, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Yemen, and now, “Occupy Wall Street”. Is this a defining moment for our decade? Can protests affect public policy? Should OWS be “defined”?

Modeled after the Munk Debates, a panel of four professors and/or prominent community leaders will debate the following resolution: Be It Resolved That (BIRT) the Occupy Wall Street Movement would be better served by embracing a distinct set of policies.This debate will begin with a vote from the audience asking whether you are in favour of or against the resolution. Following, there will be a lively back-and-forth, including a question period. After the debate wraps up, it will be followed by a second vote to determine which side gained the most support.”

We’re following the format that the Munk Debates use. Essentially, each speaker gets a 6 minute speaking turn to make his/her constructive speech, which will be followed by a question period in which all debaters will be challenged by the audience. After that, each speaker will have 3 minutes to make a closing statement. There will also be two rounds of voting, one before and one after the debate. However, Petros and I have to decide if we want to allow rebuttals, POI’s or whether a debater can ask another any questions.

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