General Assembly Minutes January 11th, 2012

GA – January 11, 2012

Announcements and updates

Solidarity Squad
MLA office action on Friday with injured workers from WCB
Updates of working groups
members and contact information
will be bringing back Live stream to GA’s

We received Stencils

Occupy Parliament coming up
Wholesale sports/Canadian Tire
$7500 will be going in to card form
New York Update
OWS having many of the same issuies
organizing meetings, camp etc.
Monthly sharing circles
Why are people here,
why do people Occupy
Chance to express whats on your mind
hold general assembly at studio – would cost money


WCB injured Workers
February 29 March 1st and March 2nd WCB injured workers to protest out
side WCB main building 99street and 102 ave
set up tents with banner
everyday at 12pm Microphone speaking
Projector of stories from injured workers who could not make it’
Occupy would have to maintain camp over night
could interfere with camp at Secret location
Support for proposal to support WCB injured workers. We will give what
we can with no guarantee

Community Gardens
Are people willing to help make a community garden
possible talks with bissle Centre
funding from provincial government to community gardens to be cut
Community Garden project approved
announce on Facebook

Solidarity Action Group
to show solidarity with different events that are going on around the
Example 200 women killed in Egypt
Proposal withdrawn

Central Message
What is our central message?
Corporate government/Greed
we are the 99%
Mic Check
talk to people more
3PM 12th University Train platform

Enbridge proposal
Northern Gateway
January 24th Hearings
Update to come Saturday

New Camp Group?

Art Build
Thursday 6Pm at green peace warehouse
$240 fo reimbursable to Phil for products that he built

July 14th Action at Walmart
To present wal-mart with a petition to close its door
hunger strike if they don’t close doors
to be brought to action working group

Bill C-309
bill to change rallies
no face coverings

Working Groups contacts and definitions

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