General Assembly Minutes – January 14, 2012

OCCUPY EDMONTON: Saturday, January 14, 2012.




  • Occupy Parliament

o   March 13-16th. Shuttle will go to Ottawa and then will come back.

o   Occupy Sudbury is trying to pull it together.

o   There is another mobilization being planned for Ottawa in the fall.

Will get more information about this as there were a lot of questions raised about it.


  • Working Group Sign-Up List:

o   Please sign up for the working groups. Only bottomliner emails will be put on the website.


  • Water:

o   Phil knows a guy that sells fresh water filtration systems. Could be used to melt snow and filter it to provide water for the camp group.


  • IWW training:

o   Organizer training.

o   January 27th.



  • Action.

o   Enbridge Jan. 24th – rally need to figure out what to do. Jan 24 – 31st are Enbridge hearings.

o   Feb 4th – reoccupation actions.

o   Feb. 7th – provincial legislature opening.

o   Feb. 29- Mar. 2 – Workers compensation board protest.

o   March 13-16th – Occupy Parliament.

o   May 1st general strike has been called by several US working groups.

o   May 19th-20th – GA in Chicago.

o   July 14th – Wallmart action being planned.


  • Communications.

o   Communications is trying to provide a central hub for people to get updates.

o   Calendar is being more regularly updated so please check there for details.

o   Communications is also trying to clarify working group mandates and membership.

o   Tuesday at 8:00 pm – skype meeting – contact grimacetv@gmail.com for more information.


  • Camp.

o   Trying to take an inventory of gear so we know what we have.

o   Have a lot of gear at Kirk’s house that needs to be washed and dealt with.

o   8-person mec tent is currently MIA.

o   Small set-up and can be maintained by a very few people.

o   Gear needs to be picked-up from police station as well.

o   Need to ensure that next occupation clearly articulates the reason for the choice in location.

o   Would like to have a clear plan presented about how needs will be addressed: ie. medical, sanitation, warmth supplies.

o   Would like set meeting date to discuss about camp.

o   Would like to set up a healing circle to address concerns and feelings.

o   If you would like to make communications materials to help support camp please contact Rob Butz.

  • Finance.

o   We have $1,400 in the budget.

o   WePay money was returned as we couldn’t access it. We are trying to find an alternative system that will meet our needs.

o   If we reoccupy we will need more people on the finance working group.

o   Would also like to start calculating what Occupy Edmonton provides in terms of services.


  • Non-violent Communication:

o   There is an on-going communication line that is very helpful to talk about issues, to talk about personal issues.

o   Line is available from 2:00 – 4:00 every weekday.

o   Everyone should try it at least once.

o   780-666-3830 is the number.



  • GA schedule.

Proposal for set OE schedule:

                    TUESDAY: General Assembly 7:00 pm

o   THURSDAY: training workshops.
7:00 pm

o   SATURDAY: General Assembly. – 2:00 pm

o   SUNDAY: Social (or last Sunday of the month group talking healing sharing listening circle.) Try to have someone from NVC at those meetings.

  • PROPOSAL WAS PASSED – on January 14th. This schedule will start on the January 19th.


  • GA structure.

o   Consense on facilitator.

o   Appoint roles: stack taker, minute taker, time keeper, vibes watcher and meeting greeter (someone who welcomes new people and helps bring latecomers up to speed on where the meeting is at.

o   Welcome/Introductions – (dependent on numbers).

o   Announcements. (1-2 minutes max for announcements)

o   Working group updates. (5 minutes for a WG update).

o   Proposals. (5 minutes to outline a proposal, 10-15 minutes for proposal discussion.

o   Ideas – short 1 min ideas are brought forward for upcoming proposals.

o   Next meeting date – who is bottom lining next GA.

o   Adjourn.

  • Concern: greeter should be well versed on hand signals.
  • Concern: potentially bring sheet about hand signals to give out to new people.
  • Concern: ideas section maybe should not be formally part of agenda.
  • Concern: is 1 min for idea proposals too short?
  • Friendly amendment: clarification ideas section is for people to bring forward ideas. They have one minute to pitch idea – GA will then either direct them to working group, they can have a discussion about the idea after the GA, or GA can decide to allocate more time.
  • PROPOSAL WAS PASSED – on January 14th.


  • GA proposal format.

o   Proposals should follow the same written format and should be posted on the main listserve, and sent to facebook and a website administrator for posting at least 24hrs in advance of when they are seeking GA approval (email should be marked PROPOSAL). A specific section of the website will be constructed so that proposals are clearly visible.

o   Proposals should follow the format below when they are being discussed by the GA:
Proposal is read out.
-Clarifying questions are taken.
-Concerns are raised.
-Friendly amendments given (small changes to strengthen the proposal. Proposer will have the ability to accept or reject friendly amendment suggestions.
-Test for Consensus.

  • Concerns:

o   Concerns raised about people who may not be comfortable writing out proposals.

o   Concerns about fact that anyone should be able to bring a proposal at general assembly without notice.

o   Concerns about during camp its difficult to get online access.

o   Concerns raised about whether we were moving from away from direct democracy by this proposal.

  • Friendly amendments:

o   Should add implementation bottom liner to proposal form.

o   During camp this proposal is postponed.

o   Should also have an ideas section at the GA’s so that people can raise new ideas that could then be translated into more formal proposals for the next GA.

o   Oral proposals amendment – not accepted.

o   Hard copy blank forms should be available at GA’s.

o   Disclaimer – not accepted can do this anyway.

o   Should also include on form that online discussion will need to be received one hour prior to GA discussion.

o   Proposal is passed.

  • PROPOSAL WAS PASSED – on January 14th.


  • Occupy Edmonton working groups.

o   Action:

§  Raising awareness

§  Direct action

§  Street actions.

§  Marches and rallies.

§  Flyering.

§  Sit-ins.

§  Logistics for actions.

§  Action point of contact: Katie, Anna.

o   Communication:

§  Maintaining social networks

§  Media/press releases

§  Design unified message.

§  Internal communication.

§  Facebook, twitter, listserve, website communications.

§  Graphic design.

§  Talking points.

§  Media spokespeople training.

§  Educational materials.

§  Communication point of contact: Steven, Mike.

o   Camp:

§  Camping.

§  Camp Logistics.

§  Camp Supplies.

§  Camp recruitment.

§  Sustaining/maintaining.

§  Camp security.

§  Police liason.

§  Camp point of contact: Kirk,

o   Facilitiation:

§  Maintain discussion

§  Key organizational tools regarding discussion.

§  Training of facilitators.

§  Facilitation process.

§  Facilitation for troubled areas.

§  Facilitation point of contact: Bridget? Jenika?

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