General Assembly Minutes – January 18, 2012

OE General Assembly Minutes
January 18


1. Introductions and Updates
2. Re-Occupation
3. Enbridge

Camping gear/tent: name has 8-man tent. We were unable to get funds
from the cashiers cheques. Trying to get that in a different “format.”
Also exploring options of retail outlets to purchase gear from.

Solidarity Square update. Went to MLA office of Don…., non
committal. WCB: Injured workers are interested in participating.
Should contact Occupy Calgary. Dates– see flyer. Question: What’s
going on with WCB rally. Answer: End of February. names went to
WCB to ask if they can occupy it. Find out soon. Statement: a member
is not sure if he’s been compensated for a 132 dollar charge for
posters. Comment: We should be getting pre-approval for funds. Need to
be transparent regarding process for getting approval for funds.
Question: can we split costs with our partners? Answer: “They” have
been spending money already. Statement: Injured workers are organizing
buses to bring people in for rally, so they are spending money.

Communications update: have been having Coms meetings over skype. Have
been talking about messaging for re-occupation. Still need to do some
consulting on that. Talked about Enbridge rally. We were thinking of
putting together an economic message to complement Sierra/Greenpeace

Art Build for Enbridge: A lot of sign already for rally on the 24th of
January (Tuesday). At the Wingate Inn. At 8:30 am. Cause a media
scene. Still a possibility for Action to plan something for later in
the week. Can’t really change plans for the rally, but OE could plan
for something later in the week, and we need to organize an artbuild
for that soonish if we’re doing something. Could be at the Sierra/
GreenPeace wharehouse.

Finance: Think name has lockbox (confirmed). We think we have 1400
in there. Question: why can’t we use PayPal? — not sure. Could use
more help with Finance. Would be great to have some female
representation on that committee.

Campus discussion:

community gardening update: Need to order seeds, and need greenhouse
space. Do the university’s have greenhouses? Response: yes, UofA does.
We’ll try to track a contact down for you. ..  Need some other
supplies to (soil, etc.) and some funding. Still need to a location
for the garden, ideally downtown. Statement: community garden on 101st/
99 ave-ish on the hill, maybe there is space there? …

Enbridge Action meeting at 7 at name’s house tomorrow (Thursday night)

Chelsea on Enbridge
people in BC taking on risk for the pipeline are not the ones who
stand to profit. That needs to be apart of the messaging.

overview of existing plans: feb 4th, secret location.
Potential Changes: organize in open might make it more successful.
Logistically its hard to gain support and momentum keeping things in
secret. Makes it harder for university, potentially, if students are
informed and involved in the action.

should we make it seem like it was leaked?

we need to come to a decision very soon.

Change of date: Maybe the 1st is a better idea. Its mid-week—more
attention– and that day is a national day of action against tuition

- moving the date shouldn’t be decided now, because key people aren’t
here tonight.
- can we just leak it to UofA people?
- logistically, moving things ahead of schedule might be a problem in
terms of getting camp stuff ready.
changing date and such: outreach to university seems like it is an
important part of this action. Tapping into concerns and struggles on
campus like Arts Faculty cuts makes sense. We’ve been building the
idea of a Free-School associated with UofA, and we wanted to launch it
around that time. The idea of the free school is to challenge the
corporate model of the University and build support and community
outreach into educational networks and activities.

changing date should happen soon, tonight if possible, so comms and
action can make plans.
Muslim students group/ palestinian sol. Group expressed interest. We
should get back to them.
Enbridge ends like the day before the new date. We will be burnt out.
Contact at CJSR needs to know whats going on to, is willing to arrange
Hold a consulting event at the UofA. Big meeting, trying to bring
people in. (

support of people present to change the date and go to an open
messaging strategy. Clarification needed.

could keep the saturday rally. Needs to be decided. 75 people signed
up on facebook.
Vote to change date: inconclusive. Others need to be consulted?
The 4th was arbitrary anyway.
We could get more support by moving it to the first.

camp working group seems to be for the change.
Actually will vote on proposal for date change next GA, but go ahead
with preliminary planning.


Jan 24th to 31st….Friday media conference…broader coalition
organizing this and Occupy invited

Raging grannies, oily people climbing and putting up a banner, native
drummers for rally day if possible then grannies fit in there, banner
drop….native rights plus green jobs = justice for all

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