General Assembly Minutes – January 21, 2012


  Name and what was your childhood dream?


  -Communications need to make an update on website, social networks, etc. about consulta (date,time,location)

  -CONSULTA; Planning for a consulta at the UofA a room is being booked for Thursday Jan. 26 @ 5pm.
Postering for the event on Monday from 2-3pm. Will be very ‘open’ with discussion of issues and students’ feedback on re-occupation. (chelsea taylor)

-ENBRIDGE; Rally at Wingate Inn (18220 100 Ave) on Jan. 24 @ 8:30am w/greenpeace, sierraclub, aboriginal groups
Planning for an occupy action on a day that industry presents.  (anna sparkle)

-COMMUNITY GARDEN; Rachel Notley expressed huge support for the idea. Funding for these types of projects in Edmonton is being cut.
          Still looking for solid funding and maybe a greenhouse space. ( David laing)

-CAMP; We need money to pick up cheque from fed ex. We should be able to cash cheques when they are received which are being sent out today.
Camp working group and committed campers need to have a serious sit down to review and discuss what camp logistics look like. (phil shaw and kirk hansen)

-OCCUPY SQUAD; WCB. The occupy squad is not ‘allowed’ to set up tents we need people willing to help out and participate, without numbers camping
           may not be possible. (phil shaw)

Proposals/Important Main topic discussion thing

  -Changing the Date; We will bring our planned date to consulta and try to find something on which we can ALL decide. Date decision will be finalized
after the consulta.

ps. for more infos and to be more directly involved talk to ppl in parentheses.
pss. first time with minutes, sometimes i have ADD. sorry.  Please join the next GA on tuesday

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