General Assembly Minutes – February 18, 2012

General Assembly
February 18th, 2012

May Day
March of Solidarity
Kirk’s cleaning party
Greater Edmonton Food

Media and communications issue discussion
Discuss GA process for the new faces at the meeting


May Day (NAME) – May 1, 2012 – Occupy be present in solidarity with all groups there; but not organizing it
NAMES will be willing to go to the May Day meetings with all groups participating
Consensus was made on going to organizing meetings and forming an ‘Occupy bloc’ for the general strike
Creates a sense of co-operation; can grow support among future events
Chelsea is organizing a ‘Green bloc’ outside of OE
Donna – Side conversation on having events so close together, in regards to the March of Solidarity being on Feb. 27th and the WCB action on Feb. 29th.
Worries of media portrayal – will they say OE is all over the place?
WCB action will be mentioned at the March, possibility to grow support and momentum from having the events close together

Finance – $800 in bank – we should use March on 27th to gain donations
We can make t-shirts and sell them – NAME mentioned there are 20 blank t-shirts we can use
NAMES and see if we can get buttons made for donations
We need someone to bottomline a group for t-shirts and buttons
Use humour: could get press/media
Examples: Vicileaks; I’m an extremist; I’m a terrorist; Invasion of email privacy
Visionary meeting planned for Monday, February 20th at 2:00 pm at Remedy; there will be an art build at 6:00 pm at the Greenpeace warehouse

WCB (Randall & Donna) – Starts February 29th at 12:00 – 107 Street and 99 Avenue
they had a meeting with the men who run Augustana church, which is right across the street from the front lawn of the WCB bldg. (E4C – Edmonton churches support OE)
They have permission from the church to use their land and power for the time needed; shouldn’t get confiscated or kicked off
NAME has the sound system
They still need speakers: if interested in speaking, or have a suggestion for speakers, please email Randall or Donna at: canadianinjuredworkers@gmail.com or on the website at canadianinjuredworkers.com
There will be injured workers and politicians speaking; the idea is to have the speakers rotate back and forth between the injured workers and politicians
They have 48 signatures on the petition
Trying to get as much media and exposure as possible; have tried to get onto Alberta Primetime with Jennifer Martin, but no response so far
They will be revealing a new strategy after the rally
Challenging members of WCB in court
Expose how they are government cronies
The Meredith document was signed in 1915, which supposedly signed away the right to sue, however this document cannot be located to prove the signatures; requests to view it have been made since the 1990’s
Class action lawsuit is underway
They are still adding names to the Wall of Shame, they are names of the Deceased workers however stories of them are hard to find because their names are not published
They have contacted 192 radio stations and Bob Layton, but not much media attention right now
Recommended a video to watch: “Follow the Money with Kevin Taft”, can find on YouTube
They need from OE
Signs – can make at the art build
Stretcher with dummies
Flyer night – would like to poster hospitals about 2 -3 days prior, that way they might not get taken down (NAME offered to help); have done some already but most taken down, put on poles, cars; flyers are on website, can be printed by anyone
NAME asked if we could march past WCB and put stickies on WCB as we march by on the 27th – Consensus later on was to not take this route to the march; feeling that stickies may be too confrontational and considered vandalism
NAME will be the OE speaker for the rally
Need media release done
They plan to have 12’ barricades on the east side, to protect from vandals and WCB workers who park there
Recommendation to do sandwich boards
Need someone to put together informational packages
Suggestion to do another rally on April 26th (a national rally) – good idea to have that on small piece of paper to hand out to let people there know to come back out on April 26th
Need media spokesperson
Need police liaison – NAME and see if he is willing to do that
Nestle (NAME) – on March 1 at 2:30 – Timms centre at the UofA
Chair of Nestle is getting an honorary degree
Coalition meetings coming together – those mad about the formula issue, those mad about the water markets
Need to register online to be at actual ceremony – register as an individual, no affiliation with OE
Anna is the OE rep and has been going to the meetings, can contact her to find out more
Trying to organize an alumni drive – have them get pic. with why their shamed by the action written on board
Set up with solidarity week at the UofA so should be okay
Spoof diplomas would be funny
Email the president and chancellor to express our dissent of the degree – they say there has been no uproar
May have 2 film screenings one on the 28th at 2:00 pm and the 29th in the evening, one film is the film Bottled Life
Meeting on Tuesday, February 21 at 5:00 at the International House on campus
March of Solidarity (NAME) – March is Monday, February 27th at 5:30 pm
Meeting at Melcor park and marching to legislature to have a candle light vigil in solidarity with Occupy worldwide
Consensus reached to contact Melcor and let know we will be meeting there and hopefully get permission – will stress how it would be safer for us to be in the park than on the sidewalks and only for an hour –NAMES on Tuesday
Consensus reached to not contact the police – but NAME will ask Daniel to be the police liaison for this event too
Mic check at the park and PA at the legislature – NAME will take care of the mic check
Discussed route of march – discussed idea of marching past WCB and posting notes, consensus made not to march past WCB – route will be down Jasper Avenue to 105 and then to legislature
Speakers at the legislature – Jenn will do the welcoming
NAME offered to take care of the reflection part – remembering those who have suffered during the protests all around the world and the press release
Ideas on community speakers/leaders to have speak: Rachel Naughtly
Communications group and action group will be contacted to get things going there
Minute taker had to leave GA

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