General Assembly Minutes. February 4, 2012

General Assembly
February 4th, 2012


Meeting at 4 pm at the U of A campus
Tuesday, GA meeting at Grant MacEwan at 6:30
Monday at 2 pm, Chilean Student Activist speaker at the U of A in the Telus Bldg., Rooms 236 /238
Legislature opening day is February 7
Fix the listserve
WCB Protest on February 28, 29, 30

Solidarity March for February 27 – Anonymous sponsored in support of Occupy
Debate with Indira
Outreach with the UofA

UofA Mtg. Monday at 4pm
Deliver Petition to the Legislature
Pick up Occupy stuff at the Police Station
Caterpillar Action
Forum – event at the Uof A next week, date to be determined but possibly Feb. 8th
Cover topics such as: Why Occupy the UofA, this is an important topic
What is it to Occupy, philosophical discussion
He has heard some thoughts on postponing it a week to gather more people
Daniel can bottom-line if the event is next week, but after the 9th he will be out of the country, so someone else will have to bottom-line if postponed until week after
Let NAME know if you would like to help bottom-line
Comms (NAMES) – There has been a lot of press from the Uof A action on Wednesday, there are stories and videos posted on the Facebook site
The event has given Occupy Edmonton a lot of attention
NAME will need to step back from comms for the next week and a half due to mid-term exams, she will be back by reading week
Whoever can help fill NAMEs responsibilities while she is away need to publicize the meetings, this is really important
It was agreed that advance notice of meetings is a good idea for more participation
NAME said that the video of OE leaving a message to Protective Services was sent to the media and emailed to NAME
Cheques (NAMES is sick right now
NAME was there when NAME picked up the new cheques
He hopes they go through this time as they have not the past two times
Daniel added that we shouldn’t deposit them until we know what to spend the money on
Word is that NAME has gone to the store and purchased stuff already, possibly photos of the stuff purchased

Meeting at 4pm on Monday, February 6th, at the UofA, Bldg. 2B
Meeting is to co-ordinate with the UofA students, as they are planning their own events as well
Tuesday, Feb. 7th, the General Assembly will be held at Grant MacEwan, Cafeteria in Bldg. 6, at 6:30pm
Monday, February 6th, at 2:00pm – Chilean speaker at the UofA campus, Telus bldg., Rooms 236/238
Speaker is going to talk about how Chile overcame the government and got the free tuition they were fighting for
WCB Protest – planned for February 27 to 29- Occupying the WCB to support injured workers. NAME is bottom lining this protest
Legislature opening on February 7 – Plan to deliver a petition to the Minister, demanding the government to stop the budget cuts
= Bottom liner needed – NAME offered to bottom-line
Question, has the EFL been contacted?

Solidarity March on Feb. 27 (Jenn) – Saw video Anonymous posted, they are propping a Solidarity March all over the world, to show solidarity for Occupy everywhere
The idea is to meet at the original site of occupation and march to the local parliament grounds, and hold a candle light vigil to show support
WCB protest is happening the same day
Legislature may or may not be sitting that day; depends on the budget (NAME is involved in the govt. so if anyone has questions about the legislature, we can ask her)
This idea needs more concrete plans; NAME will bottom-line it with help from Katie; will come back to GA with more concrete plans
Indira Debate –
Idea is to have Indira present for an open forum for discussion on what her views are towards free education, considering she is from Sri Lanka, a country that offers free education
If she doesn’t show up, we could put a potted plant in her place or a person with an Indira mask
University should fight ideas with ideas; ask her to come and engage, the president should do that
She could also send a substitute if she can’t make it for some reason
Debaters should be students and OE members
Point of interest – Don’t expect it to be easy
Point of interest – Indira is a puppet, rep. of the elite, question could be is the University for everyone, or only the elite
Gives her a chance to define her position in regards to free education
Google group discussion is needed
Discussion lead to decision that it should be more of a roundtable/town hall meeting than a debate; more collaborative than confrontational
We should involve as many post-secondary institutes as we can, call out to different students and different leaders
Open invitation
We should identify allies; a good ally would be the Professor (name unknown) that was dealt with the budget planning and resigned from doing so, he would have a lot of good facts
UofA – reach out to different bodies at the UofA, such as student groups and faculty groups
Some groups who weren’t interested in Occupy may be interested now, after what happened on Wednesday
Reach out to all post-sec outside UofA too; working students and trade students
Student solidarity = Important; education actions involve all campuses
Agreed that combining the round table/town hall with reach out is way to go
NAME has been in contact with David Hancock, former Minister of Education
For further Action group discussion – Highway/Overpass bannering (NAME) – We need to reclaim the media
Idea is to hang banners off every overpass and to include the website on the banners so those interested can look up information further
NAME suggested a new media marketing idea using the QR codes, having a type of URL hunt for the message; there could be a map to direct people to different areas in the City for information
Suggestion to form a committee; try to do thing within legal limits, if financially reasonable, that way less chance of banners being taken down
Another idea was to have banners with balloons on them and two people walking with it up and down the middle meridians during rush hour
NAME suggested the idea of using projectors; legal, simple, no permit would be needed; projecting onto the sides of the bldg.’s downtown would be easy and effective, we all see the large Christmas trees that are on the sides during the winter season
Banners need to be simple, powerful messages, to challenge the way of everyday thinking
More discussion will be made during an Action group meeting, which NAME will arrange
Uof A – potential March 1st rally – future actions are needed to be considered, it will be good to continue the momentum,
Rethink what Occupy means, not necessarily need to camp to occupy
Tents/tent monsters/tent drops/paper tents with messages on them (done in Boston) = provocation
Occupy classrooms – sit-in’s, teach-in’s
If we decide to set up tents again, we need to make sure it is for the right reasons, the space is important, not the tent
Use the tents strategically and appropriately, for instance, if protesting lack of shelter for the homeless, reoccupy the land that ‘tent city’ was located a few years back
***Great idea thought of – Tent Fashion show!!**
Reoccupation March – March 15, 2012 – International day of *unknown*; possibly to celebrate 6 month anniversary of Occupy…details are shady
Deliver petition to the Legislature – NAME is bottom lining with NAME
She will put it together and announce it on Tuesday
Pick up Stuff at the Police station – it has been ready for months, needs to be picked up
Caterpillar action – Bridget is working on outside of Occupy, but would like Occupy’s support in the action
Right to work action, Indiana has enacted anti-union legislation, which has caused the company, Caterpillar to move their plants to Indiana, laying off over 400 workers in Canada to do so
Details: Caterpillar was given a huge, no strings attached tax-cut from the Canadian government and then turned around and closed their plants in Canada – no reason to do this except they can pay workers less in Indiana
This is going to be a nation-wide action
Consensus made to support the action

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