Call to Action!

We are the 99%

Re-Occupy Edmonton

Edmonton will rally February 1st @ Ezio Faraone Park beginning at 12PM. Where we will begin a march to our new Occupation, University of Alberta, in partnership with the students and faculty of the U of A.

For more information, join us @ our General Assemblies.

Edmonton joined a global movement October 15th in order to take a stand against the corporate domination of our lives. Close to 2000 Edmontonians rallied in Churchill square and marched to a downtown park where we set up the physical representation of our movement. For 42 days we occupied, and on November 25th an army of our police service removed us from that park.
The response from evicted camps around the world is:
“You Cannot Evict An Idea”


We want a system that works for, not against, the 99% of us and on February 1st we will take one step closer to that goal.


Ezio Faraone Park

Edmonton, Alberta

Peaceful rally and march followed by a General Assembly meeting to discuss a longer-term encampment. Please bring signs and your dreams and desires for a better, more just world.

For more information contact: or visit the website:

For more information on the global ‘occupy wall street’ movement:

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