Solidarity Squad


‘Occupy Solidarity Squads’ are groups of people willing and committed to responding to the personal examples of injustice created by the system, wherever and whenever they should arise. If someone is screwed over by a bank, by an employer, by government red tape, they no longer have to face it all alone – now they have a group, a solidarity squad, and a movement to back them up. ‘Occupy Solidarity Squads’ are people on call, ready to respond in the local struggle at the site of injustice, occupying until there is some justice.

The system wants to keep us separate, to keep us apart because it knows that collective action produces results. So we have set up a local occupy solidarity squad and put the word that no boardroom is safe, no corrupt bank deal will go unchecked, and no more will we deal with the attacks alone. We are together now, we have seen eachother’s faces, we have slept and occupied together, and now we will respond collectively. And we will respond everywhere.

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