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Author Topic: Solution Oriented Action
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Post Solution Oriented Action
on: October 21, 2011, 14:09

Change is the key to a vibrant and vigourous community. An individual is self-actualized when he or she reaches to a large extent the many possibilities of holistic integration. A community is actualized as it integrates toward success and wellness all its components. Change is crucial to actualization.
This being said, I have an on-going Edmonton Community Actualization Initiative that focuses on the segments of our community that have been impacted by child sexual abuse. This issue manifests throughout the spectrum of community. Because the statistics indicate the tentacles that reach into every aspect of community health, I have undertaken a cyclical program to allow any survivor access to profound healing workshops that allow an opportunity for the individual to find a profound shift in his or her life. The effects ripple outward to all that person encounters essentially having a multiple impact on the health and wellness of Edmonton. Funding for the initiative is from successful community businesses and individuals. It is a Pay-It-Forward cycle that benefits all in our systemic community. It is a solution oriented action that has limitless possibilities.
Funding appears to be simple and solid. However, as I have developed the concepts and initiated the program, I have been met with a discovery that is totally unexpected. Persons who have done the workshop have had some excellent personal effects but there is hardly anyone willing to do the 8 to 10 hours over two days that the workshop requires. This is a free event and there is no need to do follow-up. In spite of this opportunity to find a deep and profound new perspective on the movement of life, the October program was cancelled due to only two registrations.
What conclusion can one draw from this? I think there are several factors to consider but some particular things come to mind. Many must be cautious of the vast number of "scams" that abound. People are busy. It is difficult to commit. But I wonder if many are just not willing to change. Sometimes being resentful and sitting on the proverbial pity-pot might just be too comfortable to let go. Profound internal change isn't nearly as hard as one might imagine but it does require a new perspective on life. A lot of people seem not willing to change.
I hope that your efforts help a new perspective to emerge. I am out of town to an international conference on making change part of our world. May the balance of justice and the wisdom of love be the landscape on which you step forward. Regards, Anni

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Post Re: Solution Oriented Action
on: December 7, 2011, 08:37

It is comforti.g to know that people like you helping those who are victems of this terible crime. i think its a shame that our legal system leaves the victems feeling abandonded and that the rights of the offender are valued above their own. How can we call it a justice system when a man who seeks a positiin of power over children like foster care supervisor as daniel quiring sroexz did, is charged with possession and distributiin of child pornography and is released on only 3000 dolar bail. We have a legal system, we need a justice system we need just laws and just punishments.

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