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Author Topic: Occupy Corporation: Beat them at their own game
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Post Occupy Corporation: Beat them at their own game
on: October 23, 2012, 23:09

I've been tinkering with this idea, hopefully it will be a precursor to change.

The 99% can beat them at their own game: capitalism. It's not all worked out yet, but that's a good reason to post - to evolve and flush out the weaknesses.

Basically it's a conglomerate. A corporation composed of subsidiaries owned by individuals like you and me. The long-term goal is to return power to the people.

Do you own or want to start a lawn maintenance or painting business? Just associate it with the conglomerate, and call it a subsidiary. We can do this with any business of any size.

To start with there should be no fees for associating, but your business will get great advertizing. Basically, you include the 99% symbol with your company logo. Someone or a group of people will find ways to share the list of businesses with the world (apps and emails, for example).

The conglomerate will become recognized and people around the world will begin to feel guilt for not purchasing Occupy products and services, given the choice. Society will begin to condemn those who prefer to support the 1%.

In time, subsidiaries will need to pay fees and so will be given the choice to separate. But say bye-bye to the benefits.

As subsidiaries grow large in numbers, they will be encouraged to merge to become stronger. And when the conglomerate acquires greater financial leverage, it will begin to consume existing corporate entities.

Wouldn't it be cool to see these "consumed" entities change the way they do business? I'd say stop trading their shares publicly and enforce "Democracy at Work". This means employees take half a day off each week and get together to democratically determine how/what/where to produce goods and how much each should get paid. This should ensure equity and keep jobs local... who would choose to pay CEOs shiploads then move their jobs overseas? (Remember I'm only talking about consumed entities here, not your business.) Do you think the conglomerate wouldn't eventually operate a non-profit financial institution for it's members?

I have ideas for a website too, to facilitate business start-up and ongoing support. I think it can revolutionize the entrepreneurial and consumer world, with an impact on society rivaling Facebook's. I won't go into that just yet.

Looking forward to constructive feedback, and partners to build this idea to the point where it can be unleashed upon the world. Please share this with anyone. I don't want to own it... but can't keep it bottled up either! We are better than capitalism!

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Post Re: Occupy Corporation: Beat them at their own game
on: October 27, 2012, 17:51

Has anyone thought about this yet? I see a few people have viewed the post, surely someone has an opinion.

We should talk about implementation plans if anyone is interested. How can we get it going? What are its weaknesses and strengths?

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Post Re: Occupy Corporation: Beat them at their own game
on: October 28, 2012, 01:39

A lawyer reading this might see a great opportunity for him or her: helping draft the constitution of the conglomerate corporation. It might be worth providing legal advice to the conglomerate in the first phase. Then, by merging her own business with the conglomerate, she will be the first lawyer to advertize as a 99er (lack of a better term) subsidiary. Supporters of the movement will seek her services for any area of law she wishes to specialize in.

The Phase One rules would have to be such that though a business is "acquired" by the conglomerate, its operations will not be influenced by the conglomerate. The acquisition of your business does not interfere with the way you organize, produce or distribute. This rule would have to change in a later phase when larger mergers take place - takeovers, or the strategic "consuming" of capitalism by the conglomerate.

A lawyer would be handy for consolidating redundant departments, since one of the benefits for subsidiaries is lower costs for tax, legal and accounting responsibilities. Now the accountant is thinking about this rare opportunity, "Would it hurt my reputation if I was the first accounting subsidiary to advertize as a 99er?"

The few who choose to initiate this will certainly be known around the world in a few short years. Don't you think?

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Post Re: Occupy Corporation: Beat them at their own game
on: October 28, 2012, 02:50


I can't resist thinking about Phase Two and the website, maybe called FreeInfo? Starting as a simple directory with advertizing, it will evolve to something most people use every day for a variety of reasons. I've made sketches for a user interface in the past, and thought through scenarios and aspects of the user experience. Thinking, I can see it facilitating the manifestation of new economic and political frameworks - systems not yet invented or ever put into practice.

This is a bit off topic, but does anyone think government borders should NOT be geographical, but departmental rather? If I (a voter) know a lot about the environment and maybe transportation, why should I want to influence the governing of economics? Why would I want economists to have significant influence in the Environment Department? I am a constituent of the departments of Environment and Transportation. I do not worry about the Department of Economics as I trust its constituents care for it the way I care for mine. I understand my industries and know my leaders well.

Departmental Governance (DG) feels more responsible.

I could go into how the DG evaluation system replaces the voting system and how political parties go extinct. As they exist, political parties just separate nations in ridiculous political theater - theater as bad as fake wrestling soap opera. The DG political framework produces more responsible leaders in many more ways. It removes capitalism from government and will decimate the potential for corruption. It diversifies yet simplifies government and strengthens it holistically. Leaders replace politicians in this system - who could ask for more?

OK - done dreaming. Back to the conglomerate... ideas?

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Post Re: Occupy Corporation: Beat them at their own game
on: October 28, 2012, 19:33

The 99er Business Directory:

When your company is acquired by the conglomerate, an ad/store page is dedicated to you, and your company's name, contact info, logo and slogan (slogo?) appear in the directory tree.
It can work similar to Kijiji.
Each ad is basically a tall row in a list based on the user's search results.
The user clicks on your ad and is taken to your ad page.

I keep imagining this as a 3D world mall where your character can visit stores, libraries or whatever... interact with government one day?

Anyway, if I lay it all out, you would see that what I've described above are just a few ways people will interact with the site. A strategic objective is the entrepreneurial component, continually improved, to support business start-up and to manage your businesses online.

But to start, the Directory will just be a list of business names emailed or shared by whatever free means exist. When the website first appears and fees are paid by subsidiaries to finance the conglomerate, the intricacies of website business rules and design can be worked out.

All fees earned by the conglomerate for some time will go to operational costs, advertizing and website development. No person(s) or elite group will benefit from the organization other than what the conglomerate is designed to provide.

Everyone has equal opportunity in their industries, and yes, more than one subsidiary might be competing for the same market share. That can't be stopped, but there is always the option to merge and become more powerful. Merging of internal competition is always in the best interest of the conglomerate, but should never be forced.

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Post Re: Occupy Corporation: Beat them at their own game
on: October 30, 2012, 17:46

What will conglomerate advertizing do? Here are a few I can think of off the top of my head:

-promote the movement
When a business is acquired, support increases. All employees and customers of that business will be supporting Occupy. Every view of the company logo strengthens the movement.

-increase profits for members
Consumers will have their reason for choosing your business over the competition. Purchasing 99er products and services will be considered ethical choices. Supporting the 1% will be frowned upon.

-create awareness that spending elsewhere is supporting the 1%
People don't seem to realize it yet but buying little things like toothpaste and baby jar food is what's fueling the enemy. Conglomerate advertizing will focus on making this common knowledge.

What do you want to do for money? Bake cookies? Build houses? Clean houses? Babysit? Sell coffee? Make toothpaste or soaps? Whatever it is, joining with the conglomerate can be your key to success. As it gets rolling, more and more benefits will come available... Legal, accounting, staffing, benefits, insurance, financing, and more. But to help get it rolling, just say you support the idea.

Before the conglomerate exists, may as well still sign up. All it takes is adding the 99er logo to your own and getting on the free ad list.

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Post Re: Occupy Corporation: Beat them at their own game
on: November 28, 2012, 17:41

Wow, surely someone has a thought on this! Anyway, here's what I was thinking for the three phases:
-campaign for subsidiaries
-develop business directory
-develop/implement ad strategy
-incorporate conglomerate

-begin collecting fees
-develop web and mobile apps
-incorporate essential services
-low-budget public ads

-merge internal competitors
-initiate strategic consumption
-increase fees
-update apps
-massive public ads

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Post Re: Occupy Corporation: Beat them at their own game
on: November 30, 2012, 02:08

Well, one of the largest companies in the world right now, Google, is techically an advert biz, so there is probably potential in that market.

To my understanding one of the Occupy side-projects is working towards starting up a business cooperative. Right now they are discussing agriculture/farming. The event page for the meetings is at https://www.facebook.com/events/165982113545024/ and a website at http://mygen.ca. However It would be very interesting to see if alternative plans can be incorperated into it. No matter what we will eventually want to advertise the efforts and being able to include other organizations and services ought only bolster the movement.

I would personally love to have a marketplace available acting as a sort of gift/barter economy/exchange. Something that would simultaneously subvert and supercede the present money-centric practices. I think it is less about beating them at their own game and more about finding a new and better game to play.

I hope you don't mind me reposting your ideas onto the other website, as I think they are good, and definitly belong in the brainstorm.

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Post Re: Occupy Corporation: Beat them at their own game
on: November 30, 2012, 12:37

Please do, by all means! And thanks for sharing.

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Post Re: Occupy Corporation: Beat them at their own game
on: December 7, 2012, 18:23

I was thinking about what you said, less about beating them at their own game and more about finding a better game to play. I somewhat agree. We need to find a new game, quickly, with a serious global impact.
Corporations are tough, challenging opponents.
The 99er conglomerate needs to become the most predatory corporation there ever will be. It needs to dominate capitalism. Nothing can be permitted to stand against it.
Corporations command armed forces and pull the strings of governments, so how can anything change their game? One hell of a bloody protest might have an effect, but citizens won't choose to starve and bleed on a large enough scale.
When the conglomerate has power, it can start commanding forces and governments. Then anything can be possible.

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