General Assembly Minutes – February 7, 2012



-U of A-student support -banner drops
rally on March 1st/2nd
Occupy being a supportive presence

-Banner Drop-yo!
-tomorrow at U of A SUB

-Action meeting – 8pm, weds – Skype – grimacetv

-WCB Update- NAME – Feb 29th – March 2, rallies at noon each day
-Wall of Shame – art build
-lots of money missing
-solidarity squad – can join online
-lots o potential
-Tents possibly being used depending on numbers
-need contacts at AFL, AUPE, unions?

-Comms Update – Videos online of university rep stating that students
not allowed to protest on                       campus. How can we use them?
-meeting on Sunday at 8pm on Skype, grimacetv


-Grant MacEwan Forum- possibly March?


-CTS Media – NAME

-Castle Logging Rally – Tues, Feb 14, 12-1pm Rally at Legislature
-testing ground for reoccupation
-blockaders have winter camping skills

-OWS – winter camping equipment is here (some of it!!)

-Police Station Stuff Retrieval- NAME has list
-NAME  has vehicle
-NAME will help
i <3 you guys!!!

-Credit Unions- Servus elections / director NAME

-Radical Cheerleader Squad


Action – Banner Drops – tomorrow?

Reoccupation – March 15th?? where would we do it?

U of A Break out Group

Castle Logging Proposal –NAME is bottomlining
-bringing to Weds, action meeting
-for Rally, Tues Feb 14th

Radical Cheerleader Squad – NAME is interested in – 2 practices before
March 1st rally

Rhythms of Resistance – NAME needs drums

Sharing Circle – Sunday at 2pm, at EPL – NAME will book room

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General Assembly Minutes. February 4, 2012

General Assembly
February 4th, 2012


Meeting at 4 pm at the U of A campus
Tuesday, GA meeting at Grant MacEwan at 6:30
Monday at 2 pm, Chilean Student Activist speaker at the U of A in the Telus Bldg., Rooms 236 /238
Legislature opening day is February 7
Fix the listserve
WCB Protest on February 28, 29, 30

Solidarity March for February 27 – Anonymous sponsored in support of Occupy
Debate with Indira
Outreach with the UofA

UofA Mtg. Monday at 4pm
Deliver Petition to the Legislature
Pick up Occupy stuff at the Police Station
Caterpillar Action
Forum – event at the Uof A next week, date to be determined but possibly Feb. 8th
Cover topics such as: Why Occupy the UofA, this is an important topic
What is it to Occupy, philosophical discussion
He has heard some thoughts on postponing it a week to gather more people
Daniel can bottom-line if the event is next week, but after the 9th he will be out of the country, so someone else will have to bottom-line if postponed until week after
Let NAME know if you would like to help bottom-line
Comms (NAMES) – There has been a lot of press from the Uof A action on Wednesday, there are stories and videos posted on the Facebook site
The event has given Occupy Edmonton a lot of attention
NAME will need to step back from comms for the next week and a half due to mid-term exams, she will be back by reading week
Whoever can help fill NAMEs responsibilities while she is away need to publicize the meetings, this is really important
It was agreed that advance notice of meetings is a good idea for more participation
NAME said that the video of OE leaving a message to Protective Services was sent to the media and emailed to NAME
Cheques (NAMES is sick right now
NAME was there when NAME picked up the new cheques
He hopes they go through this time as they have not the past two times
Daniel added that we shouldn’t deposit them until we know what to spend the money on
Word is that NAME has gone to the store and purchased stuff already, possibly photos of the stuff purchased

Meeting at 4pm on Monday, February 6th, at the UofA, Bldg. 2B
Meeting is to co-ordinate with the UofA students, as they are planning their own events as well
Tuesday, Feb. 7th, the General Assembly will be held at Grant MacEwan, Cafeteria in Bldg. 6, at 6:30pm
Monday, February 6th, at 2:00pm – Chilean speaker at the UofA campus, Telus bldg., Rooms 236/238
Speaker is going to talk about how Chile overcame the government and got the free tuition they were fighting for
WCB Protest – planned for February 27 to 29- Occupying the WCB to support injured workers. NAME is bottom lining this protest
Legislature opening on February 7 – Plan to deliver a petition to the Minister, demanding the government to stop the budget cuts
= Bottom liner needed – NAME offered to bottom-line
Question, has the EFL been contacted?

Solidarity March on Feb. 27 (Jenn) – Saw video Anonymous posted, they are propping a Solidarity March all over the world, to show solidarity for Occupy everywhere
The idea is to meet at the original site of occupation and march to the local parliament grounds, and hold a candle light vigil to show support
WCB protest is happening the same day
Legislature may or may not be sitting that day; depends on the budget (NAME is involved in the govt. so if anyone has questions about the legislature, we can ask her)
This idea needs more concrete plans; NAME will bottom-line it with help from Katie; will come back to GA with more concrete plans
Indira Debate –
Idea is to have Indira present for an open forum for discussion on what her views are towards free education, considering she is from Sri Lanka, a country that offers free education
If she doesn’t show up, we could put a potted plant in her place or a person with an Indira mask
University should fight ideas with ideas; ask her to come and engage, the president should do that
She could also send a substitute if she can’t make it for some reason
Debaters should be students and OE members
Point of interest – Don’t expect it to be easy
Point of interest – Indira is a puppet, rep. of the elite, question could be is the University for everyone, or only the elite
Gives her a chance to define her position in regards to free education
Google group discussion is needed
Discussion lead to decision that it should be more of a roundtable/town hall meeting than a debate; more collaborative than confrontational
We should involve as many post-secondary institutes as we can, call out to different students and different leaders
Open invitation
We should identify allies; a good ally would be the Professor (name unknown) that was dealt with the budget planning and resigned from doing so, he would have a lot of good facts
UofA – reach out to different bodies at the UofA, such as student groups and faculty groups
Some groups who weren’t interested in Occupy may be interested now, after what happened on Wednesday
Reach out to all post-sec outside UofA too; working students and trade students
Student solidarity = Important; education actions involve all campuses
Agreed that combining the round table/town hall with reach out is way to go
NAME has been in contact with David Hancock, former Minister of Education
For further Action group discussion – Highway/Overpass bannering (NAME) – We need to reclaim the media
Idea is to hang banners off every overpass and to include the website on the banners so those interested can look up information further
NAME suggested a new media marketing idea using the QR codes, having a type of URL hunt for the message; there could be a map to direct people to different areas in the City for information
Suggestion to form a committee; try to do thing within legal limits, if financially reasonable, that way less chance of banners being taken down
Another idea was to have banners with balloons on them and two people walking with it up and down the middle meridians during rush hour
NAME suggested the idea of using projectors; legal, simple, no permit would be needed; projecting onto the sides of the bldg.’s downtown would be easy and effective, we all see the large Christmas trees that are on the sides during the winter season
Banners need to be simple, powerful messages, to challenge the way of everyday thinking
More discussion will be made during an Action group meeting, which NAME will arrange
Uof A – potential March 1st rally – future actions are needed to be considered, it will be good to continue the momentum,
Rethink what Occupy means, not necessarily need to camp to occupy
Tents/tent monsters/tent drops/paper tents with messages on them (done in Boston) = provocation
Occupy classrooms – sit-in’s, teach-in’s
If we decide to set up tents again, we need to make sure it is for the right reasons, the space is important, not the tent
Use the tents strategically and appropriately, for instance, if protesting lack of shelter for the homeless, reoccupy the land that ‘tent city’ was located a few years back
***Great idea thought of – Tent Fashion show!!**
Reoccupation March – March 15, 2012 – International day of *unknown*; possibly to celebrate 6 month anniversary of Occupy…details are shady
Deliver petition to the Legislature – NAME is bottom lining with NAME
She will put it together and announce it on Tuesday
Pick up Stuff at the Police station – it has been ready for months, needs to be picked up
Caterpillar action – Bridget is working on outside of Occupy, but would like Occupy’s support in the action
Right to work action, Indiana has enacted anti-union legislation, which has caused the company, Caterpillar to move their plants to Indiana, laying off over 400 workers in Canada to do so
Details: Caterpillar was given a huge, no strings attached tax-cut from the Canadian government and then turned around and closed their plants in Canada – no reason to do this except they can pay workers less in Indiana
This is going to be a nation-wide action
Consensus made to support the action

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General Assembly Minutes – February 2, 2012

Occupy Edmonton
Meeting in the Dark, oooooh scary
Minutes Feb 2

March Debrief

-media coordination/smart media strategy
-getting students to chant/join
-solidarity from yesterday
-made police nervous


-more chants
-sign up sheets ready before
-more visible Occupy presence
-go to admin/Uhall as well
-deescalation training

Future steps
-focus on changing Students Union
-capture twitter addresses
-need media/internet person to post updates/photos/vids
-meetings go smoother

Next Occupy Steps

-March 15th – reOccupation day
-tie in to election
-clear deadlines are good for action
-keep pressure on – recruitment
-actions on campus – need to get students there – banner drops/balloon

-Rally on Campus -have one person set up tent
-petition about supporting Occupy’s right to be on campus
-stickers – students only, no public allowed
-date?? March 1st – march for free tuition on march 1st
-Feb 6-7th
-Mic Check – SU elections debate – March 6th
-meeting – -Int’l house- Mon 3-8pm – Sammi
-art build -

Reoccupy WCB Feb 29th

-Dodgeball tournament!!

-petition to Leg on opening day-
-Feb  7th

Training – IWW – Miro can bottomline
-Media training
-nonviolent communication

Feb. 8th potential date.
Radicalizing research?
Why Occupy campus?
Historical speaker (What campus’ were setup to do).
2 speakers on cross-over themes btn occupy and student issues (debt,
1 personal example of why I’m a student and why I occupy.
Potential speakers – NAME may know prof. Speakers.
Organizing committee: NAMES

IWW training –
Facilitation –
NVDA/Media –
Anti-O –
Decolonizing yourself –

Art build:
Art Sunday 4:00 at the warehouse.

Petition delivery
Feb. 7th legislature

University about free speech online petition
NAME will draft

-Outreach to older generations

-Macewan Initiative??

-signage –  use names and faces of those on the board

-Solidarity Week – get an Occupy discussion

-OWS cheques are in !! baby i got your money money

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(No title)


Occupy Edmonton, in conjunction with students, faculty and support
staff, planned a rally around tuition hikes, skyrocketing student debt
and planned budget cuts yesterday at the University of Alberta.
Peaceful protestors were greeted by lines of police blockading the
University threatening arrests if protestors entered the publicly
funded school grounds. The University administration took the drastic
step of threatening students that they would be arrested for
trespassing if they raised their concerns about the inaccessibility of
university education on campus.

Occupy Edmonton contacted the University administration by phone and
email to discuss its plans and concerns. No response from the
university addressing the issues raised by the rally was received,
communicating clearly the University’s lack of interest in these
important matters. “Occupy Edmonton welcomes dialogue with the
University about the issues raised by the rally” Katie Nelson, Occupy
Edmonton member emphasized “We want to work with the University to
support solutions to high tuition and exorbitant student debt.”

“We wanted to come to the  University of Alberta to talk about the
increasing inaccessibility of  post-secondary education for the 99%
and encourage the University to stop the corporate influence over
education. We ask that the University of Alberta recognizes its
responsibility to society to provide a place where dreams and visions
of the future can be birthed, where free thought and dissent are
encouraged not trampled upon,” said Anna McRobbie, a member of Occupy
Edmonton. “By
denying us access to even having a voice and threatening arrests for
protected free speech, the University has proven just how far it has
fallen. Rising tuition and crushing debt levels are fine but average
people hoping to voice concerns are silenced and menaced. This is
supposed to be the University of Alberta; for all Albertans, not just
a select few.”

“The University proved our point for us,” said McRobbie. “We wanted to
raise concerns about the accessibility of the University and about how
the University has changed from being an open institution that
encouraged free thought, encouraged dissenting voices, and celebrated
diversity of opinions to one that increasingly tries silences them.
Well today the University showed just how right we are.”
For more information please contact:
Media Spokesperson: Katie Nelson – 780-782-2724

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Metro Edmonton: Protesters set to re-Occupy Edmonton

Occupy Edmonton protesters will be back in force this week. The group announced on its website and Facebook page over the weekend that a rally will be held at 12 p.m. on Wednesday at Ezio Faraone Park before a march to the University of Alberta, where occupiers say they, along with students, will set up.This comes after members camped out for 42 days on private land at Jasper Avenue and 102 Street before being evicted by police on Nov. 25.

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CTV Edmonton: Occupy Edmonton plans new camp at U of A

Updated: Mon Jan. 30 2012 12:46:57

Chandra Lye, ctvedmonton.ca

Occupy Edmonton has been planning a new day of occupation.

In a press release the group indicated that they will be marching to the University of Alberta on Wednesday where they will set up a new camp.

Protestors said the move will be their participation in the national day of action against tuition fee increases and to promote pay equity across the board.

They will begin their march at Ezio Faraone Park at noon and will wrap up at the quad on campus.


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General Assembly Meeting Notes – January 28, 2012


1. Report back from consulta
2. Feb 1st
3. Update Enbridge
4. International Week
5. Debate

1. Consulta

  • 40 – 50 participants, discussed messaging, tactics
  • tuition, faculty cuts, student debt
  • broke out into working groups: logistics, arts, outreach, comms, media
  • request for spokesperson training
  • discussion around freeskool
  • facebook event is up
  • comms working group meeting Sunday 10:30 at transcend coffee (109st and 87 ave)

2. Feb 1st

  • problems with getting gear – *can phil provide an update on the minutes?
  • still some gear not claimd from police depot – may be supplies that could be used – *need someone to volunteer to figure this out.
  • communications group developing media work- need update on this
  • art build needed before! We only have until wednesday, so… art build monday evening, 6-10 at the GP warehouse, 64th ave and 104st. text 

3. Enbridge update

  • rally on tuesday went well, great signs
  • friday press conference went well also
  • Sunday: film screening, pipe dreams – noon at the Garneau theatre. film runs 39 minutes and will be followed by a discussion after. Also if we could have handbills ready for our rally and occupation we could hand them out here.

4. International Week

  • two things
  • 1. we need volunteers to staff a table during i-week, feb 2nd, 10am – 2pm. Theres a $10 fee. but this would be great to table at the SUB building and promote the occupation. we’d need sign up sheets (email), handbills, and posters that we could give away. see details below.
  • 2. OE will be putting on a workshop during i-week also feb 2nd, 9:30 – 10:50 at the international house on campus. Jenika and Chelsea will be talking about the GA process, and also use some basic hand signals and process points to steer the conversation to whatever the group wants to talk about.

This is an email to confirm that you have a table at the International Week NGO Fair, Thursday, February 2nd, 10am – 2pm. APIRG, and the I-Week team are very excited to host you, and provide a space on campus to engage with students and help foster active citizenship on, as well as, off campus.

Some fairly important info you will want to take note of:

1) Set up: Please be prepared to show up to the Student Union Building (8900 – 114 Street) at the University of Alberta campus on the morning of at 9:30am to set up your tables. The tables will be interspersed throughout the main floor, so when you arrive, just look for the table with your name on it. Myself, as well as International Week volunteers, will be there to lend a hand at that time, and throughout the day also.

2) Fee: Most folks have had the conversation with my colleagues here about the feel to table at the I-Week fair. It’s $10, and can be paid when you arrive that morning. If you require a receipt, we are happy to provide one.

3) The University has a policy of no soliciting. This just means that folks who are tabling can’t approach students to chat, but must wait for them to come to you. If anyone has any questions or concerns about this aspect of the tabling fair, please feel free to get in touch!


5. Debate – Student group

  • a student group on campus is hosting a debate on feb 2nd at 5pm
  • the question of the debate is: Be It Resolved That (BIRT) the Occupy Wall Street Movement would be better served by embracing a distinct set of policies.
  • other debaters include
    Pro: Paula Simons (the Edm Journal), Greg Anderson (poli sci/econ prof)
    Opp: Michael Macdonald (music prof), ____
  • Chelsea has been approached to represent the opposing side, but obviously this is a debate that has been going on within OE. I think that it would be good to represent that this has been a debate within OE, but that we embrace a diversity of tactics. if people want to develop policy proposals, that’s fine, that’s what we did around our demands. however, what we need to realize is that we did have demands and policy asks and the media didnt cover them. so im wondering who im debating and where they got their info/perceptions from. also wanted to question the “two four, two against” and a vote after method since this runs right up against our consensus based process. if you want to help shape this discussion, please get in touch at chelsea.eff@gmail.com

debate details:
For starters, the name of the event is “A Place for Pragmatic Policy or Peaceful Protest? The OWS debate”

“ 2011: A year of Uprising. Protests all over the world have finally been brought to countries of the “West”. Albania, Algeria, Egypt, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Yemen, and now, “Occupy Wall Street”. Is this a defining moment for our decade? Can protests affect public policy? Should OWS be “defined”?

Modeled after the Munk Debates, a panel of four professors and/or prominent community leaders will debate the following resolution: Be It Resolved That (BIRT) the Occupy Wall Street Movement would be better served by embracing a distinct set of policies.This debate will begin with a vote from the audience asking whether you are in favour of or against the resolution. Following, there will be a lively back-and-forth, including a question period. After the debate wraps up, it will be followed by a second vote to determine which side gained the most support.”

We’re following the format that the Munk Debates use. Essentially, each speaker gets a 6 minute speaking turn to make his/her constructive speech, which will be followed by a question period in which all debaters will be challenged by the audience. After that, each speaker will have 3 minutes to make a closing statement. There will also be two rounds of voting, one before and one after the debate. However, Petros and I have to decide if we want to allow rebuttals, POI’s or whether a debater can ask another any questions.

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General Assembly Minutes – January 21, 2012


  Name and what was your childhood dream?


  -Communications need to make an update on website, social networks, etc. about consulta (date,time,location)

  -CONSULTA; Planning for a consulta at the UofA a room is being booked for Thursday Jan. 26 @ 5pm.
Postering for the event on Monday from 2-3pm. Will be very ‘open’ with discussion of issues and students’ feedback on re-occupation. (chelsea taylor)

-ENBRIDGE; Rally at Wingate Inn (18220 100 Ave) on Jan. 24 @ 8:30am w/greenpeace, sierraclub, aboriginal groups
Planning for an occupy action on a day that industry presents.  (anna sparkle)

-COMMUNITY GARDEN; Rachel Notley expressed huge support for the idea. Funding for these types of projects in Edmonton is being cut.
          Still looking for solid funding and maybe a greenhouse space. ( David laing)

-CAMP; We need money to pick up cheque from fed ex. We should be able to cash cheques when they are received which are being sent out today.
Camp working group and committed campers need to have a serious sit down to review and discuss what camp logistics look like. (phil shaw and kirk hansen)

-OCCUPY SQUAD; WCB. The occupy squad is not ‘allowed’ to set up tents we need people willing to help out and participate, without numbers camping
           may not be possible. (phil shaw)

Proposals/Important Main topic discussion thing

  -Changing the Date; We will bring our planned date to consulta and try to find something on which we can ALL decide. Date decision will be finalized
after the consulta.

ps. for more infos and to be more directly involved talk to ppl in parentheses.
pss. first time with minutes, sometimes i have ADD. sorry.  Please join the next GA on tuesday

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General Assembly Minutes – January 18, 2012

OE General Assembly Minutes
January 18


1. Introductions and Updates
2. Re-Occupation
3. Enbridge

Camping gear/tent: name has 8-man tent. We were unable to get funds
from the cashiers cheques. Trying to get that in a different “format.”
Also exploring options of retail outlets to purchase gear from.

Solidarity Square update. Went to MLA office of Don…., non
committal. WCB: Injured workers are interested in participating.
Should contact Occupy Calgary. Dates– see flyer. Question: What’s
going on with WCB rally. Answer: End of February. names went to
WCB to ask if they can occupy it. Find out soon. Statement: a member
is not sure if he’s been compensated for a 132 dollar charge for
posters. Comment: We should be getting pre-approval for funds. Need to
be transparent regarding process for getting approval for funds.
Question: can we split costs with our partners? Answer: “They” have
been spending money already. Statement: Injured workers are organizing
buses to bring people in for rally, so they are spending money.

Communications update: have been having Coms meetings over skype. Have
been talking about messaging for re-occupation. Still need to do some
consulting on that. Talked about Enbridge rally. We were thinking of
putting together an economic message to complement Sierra/Greenpeace

Art Build for Enbridge: A lot of sign already for rally on the 24th of
January (Tuesday). At the Wingate Inn. At 8:30 am. Cause a media
scene. Still a possibility for Action to plan something for later in
the week. Can’t really change plans for the rally, but OE could plan
for something later in the week, and we need to organize an artbuild
for that soonish if we’re doing something. Could be at the Sierra/
GreenPeace wharehouse.

Finance: Think name has lockbox (confirmed). We think we have 1400
in there. Question: why can’t we use PayPal? — not sure. Could use
more help with Finance. Would be great to have some female
representation on that committee.

Campus discussion:

community gardening update: Need to order seeds, and need greenhouse
space. Do the university’s have greenhouses? Response: yes, UofA does.
We’ll try to track a contact down for you. ..  Need some other
supplies to (soil, etc.) and some funding. Still need to a location
for the garden, ideally downtown. Statement: community garden on 101st/
99 ave-ish on the hill, maybe there is space there? …

Enbridge Action meeting at 7 at name’s house tomorrow (Thursday night)

Chelsea on Enbridge
people in BC taking on risk for the pipeline are not the ones who
stand to profit. That needs to be apart of the messaging.

overview of existing plans: feb 4th, secret location.
Potential Changes: organize in open might make it more successful.
Logistically its hard to gain support and momentum keeping things in
secret. Makes it harder for university, potentially, if students are
informed and involved in the action.

should we make it seem like it was leaked?

we need to come to a decision very soon.

Change of date: Maybe the 1st is a better idea. Its mid-week—more
attention– and that day is a national day of action against tuition

- moving the date shouldn’t be decided now, because key people aren’t
here tonight.
- can we just leak it to UofA people?
- logistically, moving things ahead of schedule might be a problem in
terms of getting camp stuff ready.
changing date and such: outreach to university seems like it is an
important part of this action. Tapping into concerns and struggles on
campus like Arts Faculty cuts makes sense. We’ve been building the
idea of a Free-School associated with UofA, and we wanted to launch it
around that time. The idea of the free school is to challenge the
corporate model of the University and build support and community
outreach into educational networks and activities.

changing date should happen soon, tonight if possible, so comms and
action can make plans.
Muslim students group/ palestinian sol. Group expressed interest. We
should get back to them.
Enbridge ends like the day before the new date. We will be burnt out.
Contact at CJSR needs to know whats going on to, is willing to arrange
Hold a consulting event at the UofA. Big meeting, trying to bring
people in. (

support of people present to change the date and go to an open
messaging strategy. Clarification needed.

could keep the saturday rally. Needs to be decided. 75 people signed
up on facebook.
Vote to change date: inconclusive. Others need to be consulted?
The 4th was arbitrary anyway.
We could get more support by moving it to the first.

camp working group seems to be for the change.
Actually will vote on proposal for date change next GA, but go ahead
with preliminary planning.


Jan 24th to 31st….Friday media conference…broader coalition
organizing this and Occupy invited

Raging grannies, oily people climbing and putting up a banner, native
drummers for rally day if possible then grannies fit in there, banner
drop….native rights plus green jobs = justice for all

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General Assembly Minutes – January 14, 2012

OCCUPY EDMONTON: Saturday, January 14, 2012.




  • Occupy Parliament

o   March 13-16th. Shuttle will go to Ottawa and then will come back.

o   Occupy Sudbury is trying to pull it together.

o   There is another mobilization being planned for Ottawa in the fall.

Will get more information about this as there were a lot of questions raised about it.


  • Working Group Sign-Up List:

o   Please sign up for the working groups. Only bottomliner emails will be put on the website.


  • Water:

o   Phil knows a guy that sells fresh water filtration systems. Could be used to melt snow and filter it to provide water for the camp group.


  • IWW training:

o   Organizer training.

o   January 27th.



  • Action.

o   Enbridge Jan. 24th – rally need to figure out what to do. Jan 24 – 31st are Enbridge hearings.

o   Feb 4th – reoccupation actions.

o   Feb. 7th – provincial legislature opening.

o   Feb. 29- Mar. 2 – Workers compensation board protest.

o   March 13-16th – Occupy Parliament.

o   May 1st general strike has been called by several US working groups.

o   May 19th-20th – GA in Chicago.

o   July 14th – Wallmart action being planned.


  • Communications.

o   Communications is trying to provide a central hub for people to get updates.

o   Calendar is being more regularly updated so please check there for details.

o   Communications is also trying to clarify working group mandates and membership.

o   Tuesday at 8:00 pm – skype meeting – contact grimacetv@gmail.com for more information.


  • Camp.

o   Trying to take an inventory of gear so we know what we have.

o   Have a lot of gear at Kirk’s house that needs to be washed and dealt with.

o   8-person mec tent is currently MIA.

o   Small set-up and can be maintained by a very few people.

o   Gear needs to be picked-up from police station as well.

o   Need to ensure that next occupation clearly articulates the reason for the choice in location.

o   Would like to have a clear plan presented about how needs will be addressed: ie. medical, sanitation, warmth supplies.

o   Would like set meeting date to discuss about camp.

o   Would like to set up a healing circle to address concerns and feelings.

o   If you would like to make communications materials to help support camp please contact Rob Butz.

  • Finance.

o   We have $1,400 in the budget.

o   WePay money was returned as we couldn’t access it. We are trying to find an alternative system that will meet our needs.

o   If we reoccupy we will need more people on the finance working group.

o   Would also like to start calculating what Occupy Edmonton provides in terms of services.


  • Non-violent Communication:

o   There is an on-going communication line that is very helpful to talk about issues, to talk about personal issues.

o   Line is available from 2:00 – 4:00 every weekday.

o   Everyone should try it at least once.

o   780-666-3830 is the number.



  • GA schedule.

Proposal for set OE schedule:

                    TUESDAY: General Assembly 7:00 pm

o   THURSDAY: training workshops.
7:00 pm

o   SATURDAY: General Assembly. – 2:00 pm

o   SUNDAY: Social (or last Sunday of the month group talking healing sharing listening circle.) Try to have someone from NVC at those meetings.

  • PROPOSAL WAS PASSED – on January 14th. This schedule will start on the January 19th.


  • GA structure.

o   Consense on facilitator.

o   Appoint roles: stack taker, minute taker, time keeper, vibes watcher and meeting greeter (someone who welcomes new people and helps bring latecomers up to speed on where the meeting is at.

o   Welcome/Introductions – (dependent on numbers).

o   Announcements. (1-2 minutes max for announcements)

o   Working group updates. (5 minutes for a WG update).

o   Proposals. (5 minutes to outline a proposal, 10-15 minutes for proposal discussion.

o   Ideas – short 1 min ideas are brought forward for upcoming proposals.

o   Next meeting date – who is bottom lining next GA.

o   Adjourn.

  • Concern: greeter should be well versed on hand signals.
  • Concern: potentially bring sheet about hand signals to give out to new people.
  • Concern: ideas section maybe should not be formally part of agenda.
  • Concern: is 1 min for idea proposals too short?
  • Friendly amendment: clarification ideas section is for people to bring forward ideas. They have one minute to pitch idea – GA will then either direct them to working group, they can have a discussion about the idea after the GA, or GA can decide to allocate more time.
  • PROPOSAL WAS PASSED – on January 14th.


  • GA proposal format.

o   Proposals should follow the same written format and should be posted on the main listserve, and sent to facebook and a website administrator for posting at least 24hrs in advance of when they are seeking GA approval (email should be marked PROPOSAL). A specific section of the website will be constructed so that proposals are clearly visible.

o   Proposals should follow the format below when they are being discussed by the GA:
Proposal is read out.
-Clarifying questions are taken.
-Concerns are raised.
-Friendly amendments given (small changes to strengthen the proposal. Proposer will have the ability to accept or reject friendly amendment suggestions.
-Test for Consensus.

  • Concerns:

o   Concerns raised about people who may not be comfortable writing out proposals.

o   Concerns about fact that anyone should be able to bring a proposal at general assembly without notice.

o   Concerns about during camp its difficult to get online access.

o   Concerns raised about whether we were moving from away from direct democracy by this proposal.

  • Friendly amendments:

o   Should add implementation bottom liner to proposal form.

o   During camp this proposal is postponed.

o   Should also have an ideas section at the GA’s so that people can raise new ideas that could then be translated into more formal proposals for the next GA.

o   Oral proposals amendment – not accepted.

o   Hard copy blank forms should be available at GA’s.

o   Disclaimer – not accepted can do this anyway.

o   Should also include on form that online discussion will need to be received one hour prior to GA discussion.

o   Proposal is passed.

  • PROPOSAL WAS PASSED – on January 14th.


  • Occupy Edmonton working groups.

o   Action:

§  Raising awareness

§  Direct action

§  Street actions.

§  Marches and rallies.

§  Flyering.

§  Sit-ins.

§  Logistics for actions.

§  Action point of contact: Katie, Anna.

o   Communication:

§  Maintaining social networks

§  Media/press releases

§  Design unified message.

§  Internal communication.

§  Facebook, twitter, listserve, website communications.

§  Graphic design.

§  Talking points.

§  Media spokespeople training.

§  Educational materials.

§  Communication point of contact: Steven, Mike.

o   Camp:

§  Camping.

§  Camp Logistics.

§  Camp Supplies.

§  Camp recruitment.

§  Sustaining/maintaining.

§  Camp security.

§  Police liason.

§  Camp point of contact: Kirk,

o   Facilitiation:

§  Maintain discussion

§  Key organizational tools regarding discussion.

§  Training of facilitators.

§  Facilitation process.

§  Facilitation for troubled areas.

§  Facilitation point of contact: Bridget? Jenika?

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