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To Occupy Edmonton – An Update on WePay

As many of you are aware, during the occupation we had an account with WePay for the receiving of donations online.
Almost from the beginning we have been unable to get a hold of this money. WePay has a policy of only transfering money to U.S. bank accounts and people U.S. SSN numbers.
We have tried to find away around this with no success. Potentially transferees faced negative tax results and their would be difficulties with transferring to Canadian citizens who have obtained SSN numbers.
Because this situation has not been resolved and the money has not been claimed. WePay has informed us that all who donated will be reimbursed the money.
Occupy Edmonton has found Canadian alternatives to avoid this situation in the future.
We are sorry for all occupiers and to all who want to change the world that this has happenned.
Regards with love,
Occupy Edmonton

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OE’s First General Assembly of 2012!

Our first General Assembly of 2012 will be Thursday, January 5th @ 6:30PM at the Grant MacEwan Cafeteria. See you all there!

10700 104 Avenue, Edmonton


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Occupy Edmonton Wiki

We need writers, editors, researchers, and photographers! Occupy Edmonton’s various press releases, news articles, and pamphlets will now be created and edited using a consensus based model. You can contribute immediately and find out more information here. For future reference, this link can be found under the Participation menu at the top of the page.

How It Works:

  • The Occupy Edmonton Wiki is open from Sunday to Friday, allowing anyone to create, write, edit, and rename articles.
  • On Saturday, the Wiki will be locked as so that people will have a chance to reach consensus on which articles are complete, and which still need more revisions. A news post will be made on the Occupy Edmonton Facebook page asking everyone for their opinion.
  • If you wish to block an article, you can either reply to the Facebook news post, or make a comment directly on the article itself. In order for your block to be counted, you must include a reason for making the block.
  • Articles that don’t receive a block before Sunday will be posted on the Occupy Edmonton web page for anyone to print out and place around the city.

Occupy Edmonton Wiki

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General Assembly Minutes Dec. 13th

1. Sharing Circle update
2. Yuletide, advent, santa updates
3. financial update: OWS funding
4. good neighbours policy review
5. occupation updates and discussion
6. code of conduct proposal
7. banner drop proposal

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Ocupy Yuletide Show!

Occupy Yuletide Press Release

Download Poster here: http://occupyedmonton.org/resources/posters/yuletide.png

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General Assembly Minutes – Dec. 8, 2011


1) Bullet point updates – excluding: Facebook / internal comm, Finance, Gear Update for now.
— please leave proposals and discussions out of this for now, and write down your concerns and questions.

Immediate logistical needs:
2) Claiming gear from Police lock up
3) Tent Donation to Calgary

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Inside Job

Charles Ferguson’s film – Inside Job – won the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2011. It narrates the conflicts of interest between the finance industry, politicians, academics and regulators, which eventually led to the trillion-dollar collapse of 2008. Narrated by Matt Damon.

 ‘Inside Job’

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Occupy Yuletide Show!

Occupy Edmonton is celebrating the Christmas season with an Occupy music show!

The Artery
9535 Jasper Avenue

Doors open @ 7:00 PM
Friday December 16, 2011

By donation, at the door!

Guests Scott Cook, Quetzala Carson, the Key of H, the Tom Roschkov Implosion and the Raging Grannies are occupying the stage to usher in the Christmas season.

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Occupy Edmonton to Launch Online Help Line and Solidarity Squads

*******MEDIA UPDATE*******

Occupy Edmonton to Launch Online Help Line and Solidarity Squads.

Edmonton, AB – Occupy Edmonton has decided to launch two new programs as they continue to push for systems that work for people not against them.

The first program they are launching is an online help request service called ‘Occupy Solidarity Squads’. Personal examples of injustice happen all the time and most people have to face them alone. ‘Occupy Solidarity Squads’ aim to change that. The online form allows people to confidentially submit their personal stories and requests for support to Occupy Edmonton. Specific stories will be selected and then the group will act to try to get the person the little bit of justice they deserve.

“If someone is screwed over by a bank, by an employer, by government red tape, they no longer have to face it all alone – now they have a group, a solidarity squad, and a movement to back them up,” said Phil Shaw with Occupy Edmonton. “The system wants to keep us separate, to keep us apart because it knows that collective action produces results. So we have set up a local Solidarity Squad and put the word out that no boardroom is safe, no corrupt bank deal will go unchecked, and no more will we deal with these attacks alone. We are together now, we have seen each others faces, we have slept and occupied together, and now we will respond collectively. And we will respond everywhere.”

Example stories could be a veteran not getting the full benefits they deserve and fought for or a worker injured on the job not getting the workers compensation they were promised. You can see the help form online at http://occupyedmonton.org/ask-us-for-help/

The other program Occupy Edmonton is launching is ‘flash occupations’. These are occupations that will take place for as little as 10 mins to as long as 24hrs. The occupations are designed to highlight issues of injustice and push for the 8-demands the group released last week.

Occupy Edmonton is united with groups and movements around the world that want a system that works for, not against, the 99% of us.

For more information please visit: www.OccupyEdmonton.org



Mike Hudema: 780-504-5601.

Phil Shaw: 780-289-9866.

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Occupy The Climate

Global Day for Climate Action (Saturday, Dec. 3rd, 1pm)
Right now the Canadian government is in Durban, South Africa trying to block any progress on an International response to the growing climate crisis. They are actively trying to thwart the process. Luckily, people right across Canada, joined by people all over the planet aren’t going to let them.
We, the 99% know capitalism is broken and can’t fix the earth. Their solutions are killing the planet and poisoning our communities.

We, the 99% know Harper and his friends want more mining and tar sands projects, not real climate solutions and emission reductions.

We will not let the planet be killed in silence.

This Saturday is the Global Day for Climate Action. It will see cities right across Canada and the Planet step up to push back. Join them!!
Global Day for Climate Action
(Occupy the Climate)
1:00 pm
Location Alberta Legislature
More Information to be posted at occupyedmonton.org

Please add your voice to the growing chorus pushing for change. See you Saturday.

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