Occupy Edmonton to Launch Online Help Line and Solidarity Squads

*******MEDIA UPDATE*******

Occupy Edmonton to Launch Online Help Line and Solidarity Squads.

Edmonton, AB – Occupy Edmonton has decided to launch two new programs as they continue to push for systems that work for people not against them.

The first program they are launching is an online help request service called ‘Occupy Solidarity Squads’. Personal examples of injustice happen all the time and most people have to face them alone. ‘Occupy Solidarity Squads’ aim to change that. The online form allows people to confidentially submit their personal stories and requests for support to Occupy Edmonton. Specific stories will be selected and then the group will act to try to get the person the little bit of justice they deserve.

“If someone is screwed over by a bank, by an employer, by government red tape, they no longer have to face it all alone – now they have a group, a solidarity squad, and a movement to back them up,” said Phil Shaw with Occupy Edmonton. “The system wants to keep us separate, to keep us apart because it knows that collective action produces results. So we have set up a local Solidarity Squad and put the word out that no boardroom is safe, no corrupt bank deal will go unchecked, and no more will we deal with these attacks alone. We are together now, we have seen each others faces, we have slept and occupied together, and now we will respond collectively. And we will respond everywhere.”

Example stories could be a veteran not getting the full benefits they deserve and fought for or a worker injured on the job not getting the workers compensation they were promised. You can see the help form online at

The other program Occupy Edmonton is launching is ‘flash occupations’. These are occupations that will take place for as little as 10 mins to as long as 24hrs. The occupations are designed to highlight issues of injustice and push for the 8-demands the group released last week.

Occupy Edmonton is united with groups and movements around the world that want a system that works for, not against, the 99% of us.

For more information please visit:



Mike Hudema: 780-504-5601.

Phil Shaw: 780-289-9866.

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Occupy The Climate

Global Day for Climate Action (Saturday, Dec. 3rd, 1pm)
Right now the Canadian government is in Durban, South Africa trying to block any progress on an International response to the growing climate crisis. They are actively trying to thwart the process. Luckily, people right across Canada, joined by people all over the planet aren’t going to let them.
We, the 99% know capitalism is broken and can’t fix the earth. Their solutions are killing the planet and poisoning our communities.

We, the 99% know Harper and his friends want more mining and tar sands projects, not real climate solutions and emission reductions.

We will not let the planet be killed in silence.

This Saturday is the Global Day for Climate Action. It will see cities right across Canada and the Planet step up to push back. Join them!!
Global Day for Climate Action
(Occupy the Climate)
1:00 pm
Location Alberta Legislature
More Information to be posted at

Please add your voice to the growing chorus pushing for change. See you Saturday.

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General Assembly Minutes Nov. 29th

Facilitator: Jenika

  • meet and greet
  • overview of procedures (hand out)


Process overview


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General Assembly – Thurs., Dec. 01

Our next GA (General Assembly) will take place Thursday, Dec. 01.

6:30 pm.

Cafeteria — Bottom floor, 106 Bldg.
Grant Macewan University, City Centre Campus
107 St. & 104 Ave.

The cafeteria is east of the main entrance (clock tower.)


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She’s Alive – short film

“She’s Alive”

She’s Alive… Beautiful… Finite… Hurting… Worth Dying for.

“. . . . The cut was put together by Vivek Chauhan, a young film maker, together with naturalists working with the Sanctuary Asia network (
Content credit: The principal source for the footage was Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s incredible film HOME The music was by Armand Amar. Thank you too Greenpeace and

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General Assembly Minutes – Nov. 26

Occupy Edmonton
Minutes of General Assembly

26 November, 2011

Grant MacEwan University,
Main Cafeteria

Meeting ran from 6:30 until 9

Facilitator: Mike Hudema

The meeting began with a talking circle in which everyone present spoke for a
couple of minutes about their favourite moment of Occupy I, which was centered
on encampment at the square at 102nd Street and Jasper Avenue. A
formal agenda was then set, and most of the remaining meeting focused on the
sharing of new Action ideas. Here is a rough transcript of the principal items
of discussion after minute-taking officially began (that is, after the
establishing of the formal agenda). Where possible, the names of speakers have
been supplied. Minute-taker apologizes to those whose name she did not manage to
get, to anyone whose remarks she has not captured in as full a form as the
speaker would have liked, and for any lapse of attention that has resulted in
something not getting recorded.


It was established that the meeting would be devoted to the consideration of key
“Next Steps” for Occupy Edmonton, including:

-  Finding accommodation for people without homes with Occupy’s eviction earlier that morning from the square at 102nd Street and Jasper Avenue
-  Establishing a possible new location for a camp
-  Discussing what we might do, at this pivotal juncture for Occupy, to gain public support
- Discussing what Actions we should consider at this time or in the near future
-  Discussing what actions might accompany the court dates for those arrested

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General Assembly Nov. 29, 2011

Our next GA (General Assembly) will take place Tuesday, Nov. 29.

6:30 pm.

Cafeteria — Bottom floor, 106 Bldg.
Grant Macewan University, City Centre Campus
107 St. & 104 Ave.

The cafeteria is east of the main entrance (clock tower.)


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Legal Observer Documents

We have created a Legal Observer guide, which can be found here:

Also, a Legal Observer Arrest Sheet has been made here:

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Eviction in 24 hrs

Occupy Edmonton has been informed that we will be evicted by the police in the next 24 hours, probably after 11pm tonight. We need YOUR help to remain at our current 102st and Jasper location. Support us by:

1. COME ON DOWN to Camp; Eviction is expected anytime after 11pm. Our best guess is eviction will happen between 11pm and 3am. We need people to come out to support the camp! Legal observers, cameras, transportation and good peoples are needed. Activist karaoke is planned!

2. CONTACT Melcor Developments, the property management company that owns the park.

PHONE: 780-423-6931

EMAIL: Ralph Young (CEO of Melcor) –

-general email –

3. CONTACT the Mayor’s office:

PHONE: 780-496-8100

4. CONTACT Edmonton Police Service:

PHONE: 780-421-3333


5. CONTACT your City Councillor:

PHONE: 780-496-8110

6. SIGN the petition at

Add your voice to the 4225 people who have already signed.

7 TWITTER the following message and ask others to support: “Sign and RT the petition to prevent the forceful eviction of #OccupyEdmonton: #ows #occupycanada”

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OCCUPY EDMONTON: The reason we occupy and what we want.

Dear Ralph Young,

We regret that you have chosen not to accept our offer of mediation and that you
are no longer open to dialogue. Instead you are choosing to push us towards a
forceful eviction and are threatening to personally sue individuals for costs.

We wanted to take this moment to explain to you, and everyone watching, some
of the reasons why we began this Occupation in the first place, and what actions
we would like to see take place so that it can come to a voluntarily end.

We began the Occupation on October 15th because the call that was and is
being heard around the world resonated with us — a call not just for minor
tweaks, but a call big enough to fill our hearts and dreams. This call was born
from the inequities of systems that continue to benefit the richest few at the
expense of the rest of us.

The crimes occurring against regular people weren’t just happening in New York
or across America, but in countries and cities all over the world, including
Edmonton. The themes of corporate control of political institutions and growing
inequity and environment destruction, rang true here, just as they do in New
York. Corporations have taken over our world, but by supporting each other and
working in cities across the planet, we are hoping to take it back.

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