City of Edmonton 2012 Budget Public Hearing

Register to speak out against the city’s $10.5 million budget cut, or the raise in property tax that applies to all of us but not to the arena.

To register to speak you must phone 780-496-8178 from 8am-4:30pm or on line at this link: (must be done by 4:30 the day prior, i.e. tomorrow).

You can also register the day of up until the time the meeting starts (9:30 am).

Speakers have five minutes each and Councillors might ask questions
(they never ask US questions, though, only THEM)

For more information or to register for the hearing please visit here:

Unless otherwise noted on the website all council meetings are at:

Council Chamber 2nd floor, City Hall 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square

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General Assembly Minutes Nov. 20th

July 4th will be a GA in the US including all cities, 2 delegates per.

Use of hand signals


Patrick offers place for showers


Mo – met with CUPW delegates. Spoke of eviction, union members will come at 11, and donated $410 to us. Union members worry about job loss.

Delay of payment from OWS, members out of jail, ordered sleeping bags, lanterns, sleeping pads. Mike may buy other items on his own to be re-payed, will call wholesale sports tomorrow to find out delivery or pickup options


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Occupy Edmonton Facing Eviction 11pm this Sunday

Occupy Edmonton into it’s 36th day is now facing another eviction notice for this Sunday, November 20th for 11pm. But from our sources and perspective, this time is serious. Want to know why? Come down tomorrow and we can tell you. Has everything to do with collaboration between police, the city, and Melcor.

Once again, the general assembly has decided to stay through the potential eviction timeline in order to fight for a system that works for, and not against the 99% of us. We are against corporate influence of our political institutions, we are against continuing the destructive economic system that is destroying our planet, and we are against increasing economic inequality that has stagnated middle class income growth and continued to divide people. Our vision is bold, our demands are diverse, and another world is possible. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.  (yeaaa Arundhati Roy!)

We also have back-up locations in mind, but want to be able to leave on our own terms. Melcor had sought a quadrilateral meeting between the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Police services, Melcor and Occupy Edmonton. Now, without any prior warning, they have notified us that they plan to evict us as of 11pm. We had been concerned that we were being drawn into a space where 3 of our representatives would be pressured to make decisions on behalf of the entire movement, but now we are facing an entirely different scenario that actually empowers a grassroots approach.

Why wont we leave? This notice came abruptly in spite of Melcors request for these meetings. The perception of camp is that Melcor has been observing the proceedings in other cities and is trying to capitalize on evictions from public property.

The Plan:

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Another Eviction Notice..Nov. 19th

Occupy Edmonton has been given a Sunday, 11:00 pm eviction notice. We are discussing what to do at tonight’s GA. In the meantime we are hoping you can support the Occupation by asking your supporters, friends and allies to:

Sign the petition at
Phone Melcor at (780) 423-6931 and tell them to let us stay.
Email Melcor at and tell them you support the Occupation and that they should let us stay.
Get others to ‘Like’ our facebook page so we can show the growing support the camp has – and/or post a message of support.
Twitter the following message and ask others to support: “Sign and RT the petition to prevent the forceful eviction of #OccupyEdmonton: #ows #occupycanada”

Please spread this message.

In solidarity,

Occupy Edmonton

To Occupy Edmonton


Melcor requests that the unauthorized use of the Melcor site by
unauthorized persons discontinue immediately. Public health and safety to
users of the site should not be further prejudiced by Occupy Edmonton or
its representatives.

Melcor Developments Ltd. advises that continued occupation of the Melcor
site in unacceptable, except as to the terms outlined in our letter of
October 21, 2011.

Melcor  advises that all persons and property on the Melcor site
following 11:00pm
Sunday, November 20, 2011 are subject to removal by lawful means.

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General Assembly Minutes Nov. 18th


Internet Updates
Offsite Infoshop?
Camp Jobs
Visitors Coming to the Camp and Contacting MPs
Muslim Student Association


Brookfield Industries Action
Melcor Meeting
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Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) Meeting

Date: November 20th, 2011
Time: 2:00 PM
Meeting Spot: Citadel Theater 9828- 101A Avenue
Dear community members of Edmonton,

The Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) is happy to invite you to participate in a mob to defend non-citizen children and youth rights in Canada, which will be organized by Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) Youth Network Edmonton with the support of the Alberta Public Interest Research Group (APIRG) and Catholic Social Services in Edmonton, on November 20th, 2011. This event is part of a larger national flash mob happening around the Universal Day of the Child, 20 November 2011.

In June 2012, the United Nations will examine Canada on its respect for children’s rights under the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Canada still has work to do on refugee and immigrant children’s rights if it wants to pass the exam. This is a great opportunity to push for change! This fall, groups of young people are organizing flash mobs from coast to coast to urge Canada to respect non-citizen children and youth rights. So far, flash mobs are taking place in Vancouver, Lethbridge, Edmonton, Montreal and St John’s. Amongst other things, we are uniting to demand that Canada stop detaining children for immigration purposes. For more information, please see refer to this link:

In order to raise awareness about the fact that Canada still needs to work in making sure that the rights of all children are respected, we invite you to join us on November 20th, 2011 We will be meeting at the lobby of The Citadel Theater at 2pm, there we will explain what are we going to do during the flash mob and where will it be. We encourage participants to wear light blue colors and bring objects that remind people about their childhood; ie. toys, teddy bears, dolls etc.

To make this a successful initiative, we need a large public attending the flashmob. We are counting on your presence to attend this event.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and we look forward to hearing from you.

In solidarity,

Juliana Cortes
CCR Youth Ambassador
780 920 1102

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20 Ways to Help..Without Camping Out

Chelsea recently threw this together, which is a great list of things that you can do to lend a helping hand to Occupy Edmonton without actually staying at the camp.

20 ways to help

You can download the pamphlet PDF file for print  HERE

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*Occupy Edmonton to Hold Free BBQ to Thank Community*

*Edmonton, AB –* On the 2-month anniversary of the Occupation of Wall
Street, Occupy Edmonton members will be holding two free BBQ’s. The BBQ’s
will be held to thank the people of Edmonton for their support of the camp
and to encourage people to visit the camp and talk to members about the
reason why they are braving Edmonton’s cold winters.

The BBQ’s, dependent on weather will be held at 12:00 and 5:00 to give as
many people a chance to learn about the motivations for Occupy and to get a
free meal. The group is concerned about how corporate, primarily oil,
interests are infecting Alberta’s political institutions, dictating public
policy and decimating the environment. They are also concerned about civic
issues such as the recent multimillion-dollar subsidy of the Katz arena and
the $10.5 million cut proposed to city services.

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union made the BBQ possible due to a

*What:* Free community BBQ

*When:* 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm, Thursday, November 17. (Weather dependent)

*Where:* Occupy Edmonton, 102st and Jasper Ave.

*Who:* Members of Edmonton and surrounding communities

Occupy Edmonton is united with groups and movements around the world that
want a system that works for, not against, the 99% of us.

For more information please visit:


*For More Information Contact*:

Mohad Mohammed: 780-668-6558

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General Assembly Minutes Nov. 14th


finance/ ows support
anniversary bbq
story of stuff/ GA at 7, need to announce
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General Assembly Minutes Nov. 10th



-MH- haven’t got money from OWS, 7500$

-Lynette Rybesky is the main person in charge, needs help, Wesley from Finance offers to help

-we have told them we will be financially transparent

-border issues with shipping from US?

-Kirk has a proposal



-talent show on Sat at 7pm, sign up at door

-facebook group – please circulate!

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