1. Come join the discussion we’re having at the SE Corner of Jasper Ave – 102 Street.

  • Every day at 6:30pm we hold General Assemblies(GA’s), which are community meetings where we discuss the direction of the movement.
  • We’ve also got new workshops coming so stay tuned to the calendar!

2. We’re always looking for volunteers to do all sorts of things!

  • Got a few hours or a few days to spare. We could certainly use your help. Come visit us and ask how you can help out!
  • Are you a speaker, entertainer or someone who would like to teach a class or facilitate a workshop? Please e-mail

3. Donate! Whether it be material goods, funds, or simply food!

Community support is essential for the continuation of our occupation at Jasper Ave – 102 St and truly making change happen.

  • There are plenty of material donations you can bring by, we’ve got a list of things you can bring by whenever. Just drop them off at any of the tents we have set up(preferable food or medic tent since there are almost always people there).
  • If you can’t make it down to our camp, you can always donate online!
  • Finally, the food tent can always use your support. They feed everyone in camp for free, every day, so keep the donations coming.

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