Safe Spaces

Occupy Edmonton’s Safe Spaces Committee is responsible for promoting and maintaining a harassment free space in our community through training, policy, requesting feedback, adjusting procedure and fostering a respectful atmosphere. The committee will consider any incident of harassment, discrimination or sexual harassment as a very serious and delicate matter, and will take all necessary action to ensure confidentiality and fair treatment.


(Content includes your rights and responsibilities as a member of Occupy Edmonton, as well as a list of resources for those facing harassment)

Attend a meeting:
Every second Wednesday, 7 – 9 PM at University of Alberta – Humanities Centre room 2-34. June 4, June 18, July 2, July 16, July 30, August 13, August 27. We invite you to attend, and join us in a conversation around how build harassment free spaces. If you have experienced sexual harassment or assault, listening in on a safe spaces meeting might also be a way to find someone you feel comfortable sharing your experience with.

File a Report:
Report Sexual Harassment or Assault at Occupy Edmonton (You will not be asked for any identifying information)
Rate your experience of an Occupy Edmonton General Assembly

E-mail Us:

Additional Resources:
Identifying abusive behaviors of power and control
Equality beyond income

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